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Tower of Fantasy Decipher password chests perfectly or forced? - Game Guide

Tower of Fantasy Decipher password chests perfectly or forced? - Game Guide

 In Tower of Fantasy, you will stumble upon different types of password chests from time to time in the game world. You have the choice of whether you want to decipher them perfectly or forcefully. But what does that mean exactly and what is the best way to open these chests? We'll tell you here.

Forced or Perfect Open Password Chests?

Password Chests appear randomly in the game world in various forms (Type I, II, etc.) and can then be looted by any nearby player. So you should be quick and interact with such boxes. A decryption mechanism will then start and you will be given the choice of whether you want to decrypt the chest perfectly or forcefully.

  • Decipher (Perfect): For the perfect decipher you must have a chip of the respective type in your inventory, which is then consumed. The top right corner of the screen will also show you how many chips you have if you have any. Consuming such a key grant you the full loot from the password chest, which is also indicated by the word "up" on this option.
  • Decipher (Forced): If you don't have the corresponding chip anymore, you can also force the chest, i.e. open it by force. However, this will give you less loot from the box.

So no matter what decision you make with the password chests, looting will always succeed as long as you are faster than other players in the area. So if you have chips use them and if not force open the chests. It doesn't make sense to first search for a key and then return to the chest because the password chests have usually already been looted by other players.

Key Chip Locations (Type I, Type II, Type III)

The game gives you a few of the key chips at the start. You will definitely be able to open the first password chests. If you run out, there are the following sources for supplies:

  • Bounty Missions: Key chips are sometimes rewarded here
  • Weekly Missions and Activities: Complete Weeklys for more chips. You will complete many of them automatically anyway.
  • Password chests: With a bit of luck, you will find key chips directly in password chests. In such a case, you get the chip you used back directly.