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Tower of Fantasy Find Dabry's sturgeon for a taste of the sea - Game Guide

 For the side mission "Sample of the Sea" in Tower of Fantasy you should find Dabry's sturgeon twice. However, the game does not mark you with an exact search area for this task. At this point, we will therefore tell you where you can find Dabry's sturgeon for the quest.

Tower of Fantasy Find Dabry's sturgeon for a taste of the sea - Game Guide

Find Dabry's sturgeon

You get this task from NPC Jupiter in Astra after you have caught some crabs for him on the beach in the first step. Next, you should find Dabry's sturgeon twice. This task proves to be difficult since these fish appear quite rarely.

Dabry's sturgeons swim along the river that runs through the middle of Astra. So swim along the river or use the jetboard and look out for Dabry's sturgeons.

Unfortunately, the sturgeons appear relatively rarely if you are unlucky. In addition, there are also many silver perch swimming around in the river, which are much more common than sturgeons. Dabry's sturgeons are larger than the silverfish and lighter in color. That way you can tell them apart.

We were able to find and catch the sturgeons while it was a day. However, many players report having better luck during dusk or at night. So wait for nightfall, if you don't see any sturgeons during the day, maybe you'll have better luck then. By the way, you can't make the time pass faster in the game. A day in the game lasts about 40 minutes in real-time.

Alternatively, you can try changing the server channel and then checking the flow again. Maybe then Dabry's sturgeons will appear with you.