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Tower of Fantasy Get tool kit and repair power plant - Game Guide

 At the forest of the seventh day, you will find a power plant tower in Tower of Fantasy. However, you cannot activate the device inside because the generators are defective. To repair them, you need tool kits. In this guide, we explain what you have to do.

This will give you a tool kit

Tool sets are gifts in Tower of Fantasy. There are only two ways to get them. For both, you have to call up the menu overview and click on "Storage".

  • In the Crystal Dust shop, you need to buy a Fine Gift for 30 Energy Crystal Dust.
  • Alternatively, you can buy the Fine Gift in the Points Shop for 120 points.

Then use the Fine Gift in the backpack and select the toolset that is displayed in the first position. There are three generators in the power plant. Two of them have the requirement that you have two sets of tools. However, you do not need a total of five because the tool kits are not consumed during the repair. You only need to have two pieces in your inventory.

Earn crystal dust and points

If you don't have Crystal Dust or Points, it won't take too long to get enough. Click on the sword icon in the top right corner of the screen to bring up the adventure menu. On the "Choose" tab you will find various tasks that reward you with Crystal Dust. Under "Challenges", on the other hand, there is "Training", where you can earn points in the various training sessions.

What's the point of repairing the power plant?

Activating the Three Towers is a sub-quest you must complete if you want to unlock the Arm of the Colossus SSR Relic. You can see all the other steps to this relic in the video on the Game Guides Channel YouTube channel.