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Tower of Fantasy Increase KK and what the value brings - Game Guide

 You have certainly already discovered your KK value in Tower of Fantasy and are wondering what this cryptic information stands for or how you can increase it. In this short guide, we will explain it to you.

Tower of Fantasy Increase KK and what the value brings - Game Guide

What is the KK value?

The KK value is the German translation for the " Combo Score " (abbreviated CS). To be honest, we can't tell you exactly what the abbreviation "KK" stands for. It's probably "combo power" or something along those lines.

Not your level, but the KK value is the best indicator for the overall strength of your character and thus your progress in the game. In addition to character level, there are numerous other ways to improve your stats in the game. All weapons and gear also have a CP value that reflects the strength of the gear. Your character's CP total is a summary of your levels, weapons, and other equipment. The higher the CP value, the better your character becomes overall.

In addition, the KK value also serves as a requirement for some things. You may have noticed this when upgrading your suppressors. From V3.2 you must have a certain KK value in order to be able to improve the suppressors.

So you increase the KK value

As previously mentioned, anything that increases your stats also affects your Combo Score. Accordingly, you can do the following things to increase the KK value:

  • As the character level increases, the combo score also increases.
  • Weapons also have a CP value. Upgrades weapons and increases weapon level to increase CP stat.
  • Four matrices can be attached to each weapon, increasing the weapon's stats. The matrices can also be improved. Both have a positive effect on the combo score.
  • In the backpack, you can equip your character with numerous pieces of equipment to increase the status values. You can also improve all the pieces of equipment.
  • As you improve your suppressors, your stats will increase and so will your combo score.