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Tower of Fantasy Omnium Beast: Find Right Arm, Left Arm, and Cockpit - Game Guide

 The Omnium Beast VII is a vehicle in Tower of Fantasy. To unlock it you need to find three parts of the beast: the right arm, the left arm, and the cockpit. You can find out how to get all the parts and assemble the omnium beast in this guide.

Tower of Fantasy Omnium Beast: Find Right Arm, Left Arm, and Cockpit - Game Guide

Omnium Beast: Left Arm

For the Omnium Beast's left arm, you'll need to go all the way south of Banges to the HT201 Sanctuary. There is a building here with an energy shield. Behind it is a supply capsule in which you get, among other things, the arm. To disable the shield, you must enter the correct password on the electronic lock. The code is 1647.

Omnium Beast: Right Arm

You can stay right in the HT201 Sanctuary to get the right arm. Otherwise, teleport to the corresponding Banges Refuge room tear to the south. When you reach the crack in the room, jump over the railing to the northwest and slide down to the lower level. Under the bridge, the enemy type "Behemoth" wanders around, which you must defeat. The opponent may drop Omnibeast - Right Arm, but unfortunately, the chance is less than 1%.

Because the drop rate is so low, the right arm is the hardest to obtain and most players miss it. The opponent respawns after 2 to 3 minutes, so you can challenge him again directly. There are Behemoths in a few other locations in the game, but the location shown above is the best as it's next to a spatial rift so you can quickly reach the Behemoth at any time.

Omnium Beast: Cockpit (Hyena Base in Banges)

All you need now is the Omnium Beast's cockpit. To get this, you must complete the Hyena Base in Banges side quest. The hyena base can be found in the waters to the west of the coast in Banges. Talk to the hyena guard there to accept the mission.

To get into the hyena base, you need to know the password. You can get hints at the Banges Dock. Teleport yourself there and talk to the harbor guard Losswall.

Then you return to the hyena base and talk to the hyena guard. You gain access to the base by choosing the following dialogue options:

  • To be the most liberal hyena!
  • For the most outspoken hyena!

This completes the side mission. The beast's cockpit can be found in a special supply pod that sits atop a lookout point in the base. Finally, all you have to do is go to the vehicle menu and unlock the omnium beast.