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Tower of Fantasy Prepare fruit bread for Nico - Game Guide

 In Astra, you can accept a side mission from NPC Nico during the course of the game. She wants you to make a fruitcake for her. She gives you the recipe for this, but you have to find the ingredients and cook them yourself. We'll tell you how to solve the quest here.

Tower of Fantasy Prepare fruit bread for Nico - Game Guide

Find fruitcake recipe

Nico's side mission "Birthday Preparations" is unlocked during gameplay at Astra Headquarters. Talk to Nico at the blue exclamation mark to start the quest. It's her birthday and she wants a fruitcake.

Then speak directly to Nico again so that she gives you the fruitcake recipe. In order to use this, you must open your backpack and use the recipe you just received in the materials to unlock it for the cooking menu.

Find strawberries & prepare fruitcake

You can find a cooking robot (steaming cauldron symbol) near Nico's location and select the recipe for fruit bread here. For the preparation you need 2x strawberries, 1x homi grain, 1x fallen fruit, and 1x poultry egg.

You can find the ingredients in the following locations:

  • Strawberries: You can find them on shrubs in Navia and near the crown mines. For example at the coordinates (-569.9, -464.4), (-654.7, -831.2), (-858.2, -857.8), (-910.3, -706.3), (-907.5, -560.9) and (-262.6, - 962.2).
  • Homi-Korn: Can be found anywhere in the grasslands of Astra and Banges.
  • Fallen Fruit: Can be found anywhere under trees.
  • Poultry egg: Lying in bird's nests at higher altitudes. For example on mountain peaks at the edge of a cliff.
Once you have all the ingredients, make the fruit cake and give it to Nico to complete the side mission. It doesn't matter which decision you make in the last dialogue with Nico. As a reward, you will receive experience points, various items, and a new face accessory.