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Tower of Fantasy Walkthrough Tips - Ultimate Game Guide

 Essential Tower of Fantasy tips and tricks: simulacra (new characters), food, gear upgrades, weapon types and rarity, and more

Tower of Fantasy is a post-apocalyptic open-world multiplayer role-playing game that differs from the popular Genshin Impact. Everything you and I love about an MMORPG is here: tons of characters, features, weapons, and combat systems. Therefore, we decided to prepare for you a great guide that will help all beginners to better understand the gameplay, understand what you can do here, and so on. After reading the information below, you will be fully equipped.

Tower of Fantasy Walkthrough Tips - Ultimate Game Guide

Daily limits and server reset

Before moving on to the gameplay elements, you should know some of the features of Tower of Fantasy that directly affect how you play it. Unlike traditional MMOs, there are daily limits that seem to stop players from progressing quickly.

The first and most important limitation to be aware of is the daily level-up limit. As much as you want to level up your hero, you will only be able to grind and level up to a certain amount per day. So, on the first day, you can only level up to level 18, on the second - up to 24. You can study further limits in the Traveler's Journal. Always check the daily limit before going on missions or grinding, because any experience you earn after you get to the limit bar will not be counted (will not be carried over to the next day).

In addition, there is another limit in the form of four daily quests that you must complete before the counter is reset. For them, you will receive pleasant rewards, as well as daily bonuses for logging in.

All daily limits and quests reset at 12:00 Moscow time. Find out what time it is in your time zone so you know when you can go back to grinding missions and dailies.

Types and rarity of weapons

Even though Tower of Fantasy is not as focused on getting loot, there are many different weapons in the game, which are divided by type and rarity. Each type of weapon has its own attacks and plays a specific role in combat (ranged or melee weapons, heavy, fast, and so on). Each weapon has its own unique abilities and skills. There are 12 in total. If possible, try out one type of each weapon to see which one works best. But also remember that a character can have three weapons equipped at the same time, between which it is easy to switch. Here are all the weapons:

  • Sword
  • A spear
  • Scepter
  • Onion
  • Pistol
  • Dagger
  • Shield and ax
  • A hammer
  • Claymore
  • Spit
  • Chakram
  • Cube

Whenever you find a new weapon, make sure to check its combos by opening your inventory. You can find the information you need in the Weapons menu by selecting the Warehouse section. Once in the desired section, click on any weapon to get information about all its skills, characteristics, and abilities.

Finally, weapon rarity is another important detail, as it doesn't quite match the usual notions of weapon rarity from other games. There are three types of rarity in Tower of Fantasy, and they are all color-coded, but not quite the same as in most other games. So, here are the markings and colors of weapons from the rarest to the simplest:

  • SSRs are orange in color and have constellations and unique features.
  • SR is blue in color and has constellations but no unique features.
  • R is purple in color and has no constellations or unique features.
In addition, SSR and SR weapons can be upgraded up to six times to gain new passive effects.

Upgrade your equipment

In terms of upgrades, despite daily leveling limits, the game doesn't limit how well you can level up your weapons in a day. Even after you earn as much experience as you can in a day, you can still collect materials and spend time upgrading equipment. This can be done in two ways: through a general upgrade or by increasing the number of slots.

Upgrading weapons consist of two stages. To get started, go to the "Weapons" / "Storage" menu and select the weapon you want to improve. If you have the right materials, then all that remains to be done is to click on the "Update" button to increase the characteristics. Also, for each upgrade, you will have to spend some gold.

Weapon augmentation is the next stage of improvement after the weapon has reached the maximum level in a first way. The process starts in the same place as the usual improvements, but it requires much rarer and more specific materials. In particular, depending on the type of weapon, you will need Firecore, Magcore, and Rock core shards.

Upgrading slots work the same way but are a more permanent upgrade in the sense that you will get an upgrade for any item that goes into the upgraded slot.

Don't Forget About Food

In addition to the materials you need to upgrade, Tower of Fantasy is full of ingredients that you can pick up. They can be eaten raw or cooked from them in different dishes. Unlike other role-playing games where food is mainly used as an additional way to temporarily strengthen the character, in Tower of Fantasy you definitely need to eat. Yes, you will get different effects depending on what you eat, but it is also necessary for survival.

You will notice that your character has a hunger indicator to keep an eye on. Each food item and meal replenishes a certain number of points on a given scale. Every five minutes, your character's hunger will increase by 1, restoring any missing health points, while every 10% of your maximum healing reduces hunger by one. The more satiety you have (maximum 100), the faster your health regenerates.

Eating food will restore a lot more satiety points than eating a raw ingredient and will also provide some positive effects, although there is still one potential downside. In addition to the fact that recipes are required to prepare new dishes, some of them have a cooldown, so you cannot eat several dishes in a row. However, beyond simple survival (when you can eat the ingredients), it is advisable to prioritize cooked food over the raw foods you find around the world.

Simulacra - regular skins

One of Tower of Fantasy's gacha systems gives you something similar to the new characters, Simulacrums, but the system isn't really that deep. Unlike Genshin Impact, where a new character is really a completely new hero, Simulacra are just new skins that give the character a new look and nothing more.

While these simulacrums or character skins do not change any stats, you will be able to unlock simulacrum traits by earning real gifts for your playable character. These traits will differ depending on which character they are based on.

Use the minimap, but be careful

Your mini-map shows a lot of useful aspects and objects in Tower of Fantasy, but at the same time, you don't need to get hung up on it, especially when moving from one point to another. This is due to how limited it is, which often results in you passing interesting places outside of its range. Whenever you're exploring regions, be sure to take the time to open the full map and see what chests, supply containers, or other locations are nearby, outside of the minimap's range.

At the same time, the mini-map provides a lot of useful information about what is directly around you.

For example, depending on what is in the area, different symbols will appear on the minimap, such as orbs for orb-shaped chests, diamonds for puzzles that reward you with a black core, and white diamonds for other points of interest. Get off the beaten track and check out all the sights you can. Not only will you receive rewards, but you will probably also earn Research Points.

Focus on research

The previous chapter brings us to another important aspect - research. Gradually, as you progress through the Tower of Fantasy story, new areas of the map will open up, but once you unlock the entire game world, you will find yourself in a huge territory that you have to get around. Thanks to the study, you will not only be able to admire the beauty of the game world, but also collect new resources that you will definitely need later. This includes gold, cooking ingredients, upgrade materials, puzzles, hidden photos, and portals.

Teleport towers are important objects that need to be unlocked as early as possible. They will allow you to quickly move around the map (from tower to tower), which makes it much easier to move around the game world.

In addition, you will receive research points as a reward for finding new regions. You will earn research points for each individual region, and upon reaching certain thresholds, you can get additional rewards. And do not forget about the overall percentage of progress. You can earn research points by doing the following:

  • Scenic Spot Search
  • Tower Search
  • Completion of dungeons (ruins)
  • Searching supply containers in hideouts
  • Closing space rifts
  • Exploring the world

When you have enough Research Points, you will be able to receive rewards by opening the map and selecting the specific region for which you have earned the required amount of experience. This will take you to a screen that looks like a battle pass menu and you can claim every reward unlocked on the progress bar.

Focus on the main story

Early on, your top priority should be completing the main story missions. The story is divided into chapters, and by completing them, you will not only unlock all the regions but also get relics, including a jetpack. Such things will greatly simplify the study of regions and the passage of other tasks. As much as you enjoy doing side activities, hold off until you've at least completed the story to your current max or feel like you need a level up to complete the next task.

Change your settings

Finally, there are a few tweaks we recommend using to make Tower of Fantasy a little more fun in the long run.

First, turn off the skill charge animation. These are lengthy animations that are interesting the first few times, but then slow down the pace of the game. To find this option, go to the main menu, select "General" / "Camera options" and turn off the corresponding animation.

While this may seem convenient, we also highly recommend disabling auto-rise. It's basically a climb used in other games where your character will automatically pull itself up to ledges if they're close enough to them. In Tower of Fantasy, the mechanics trigger too often and lead to various inconveniences, especially when exploring more limited areas. At such times, this feature is more likely to become a disappointment than something useful and effective.

Finally, we highly recommend setting the Same Screen Wanderer to 15 or 10. It is set to 20 by default and determines how many other players you can see in your game. Naturally, the more players you see at the same time, the more load the game has on your PC. Therefore, there is a higher chance of frame rate drops.