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Two Point Campus Create rooms and save as a template - Game Guide

Two Point Campus Create rooms and save as a template - Game Guide

 In Two Point Campus, you can build perfect rooms and save them as a template so you don't have to build them from scratch every time. However, the requirements of the students are not without, so you have to consider a few things when building the optimal room. Therefore, we will show you here what is necessary and how you can save the rooms as a template.

What do I have to pay attention to when building the perfect rooms?

When building your campus, you need to create many rooms. Not only lecture halls and classrooms, but also private spaces such as bathrooms, dormitories, and lounges. Since the students and professors also expect a certain level of comfort, you don't just have to build the rooms, you also have to make them attractive.

In general, you should therefore build the rooms larger than the minimum size stipulates. Because otherwise, you can often only accommodate one to three objects in the room and thus not create a high room prestige. The room's prestige shows the value of the room. The higher the prestige, the more comfortable the students feel.

The prestige increases as soon as you place objects in the room. We, therefore, recommend that you place every relevant interactive object in the room. Otherwise, you'll sooner or later receive a request through the inbox from students who really want the item. Maybe disguised as personal goals.

In addition, lecturers often ask to raise the prestige of the rooms. From level seven, most people feel comfortable without much complaint. From this level, you can start talking about perfect rooms. Since the individual room items are often not enough, you have to consider three other factors:

  • Attractiveness: A room without plants, pictures, carpets, and the color is boring. Decorate the room with decorative objects, which also increases the prestige value. You can also change the wall and floor color so the students have to see something other than gray color.
  • Hygiene: Not every student takes personal hygiene and the environment so seriously. It is therefore important that you also place rubbish bins and disinfectant dispensers in all rooms. It is best to place them everywhere, in the lecture hall, in the kitchen, outdoors, and of course also in the toilet.
  • Room temperature: Depending on the area in which your campus is located, the temperature can also play a role. If it's winter and the students are already freezing to blocks of ice, you should build several radiators. In summer, on the other hand, you need some air conditioning to keep your health up. When building, switch to the thermal view so you can always keep the indoor climate under control.

If you click on the edge of a room, the room overview will open. There you can always follow the three criteria and see where there is still room for improvement.

Save and place rooms as a template

Once you've built the perfect room, it would be a shame if it were lost on a new campus. Therefore you have the possibility to save the built rooms as a template and to be able to place them completely on the same or on another campus at any time.

Click on the edge of a room to select it. The room overview then opens on the right. The ninth blue button called "Save/update room templates" must be pressed in order for the "Create template" menu to open.

There you can see a small overview of the size and the level as well as the room costs. You can create the name and description for the room template yourself. Once you're done, click the "Create New" button. Since there is only a limited number of templates, you also have the option to overwrite templates.

In order to be able to place the room, you have to go to the room construction menu and click on the sign with the plan and the square at the top left. This will take you to the templates and see all your saved rooms. Click on one and you can place it on campus.