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Two Point Campus Finding and fulfilling personal goals - Game Guide

Two Point Campus Finding and fulfilling personal goals - Game Guide

 In Two Point Campus, not only do you have your personal goals, but also the students themselves. You have the opportunity to support the students in achieving these personal goals. Here we show you where you can see them and what you have to do to achieve their goals.

Where can I find Personal Goals in Two Point Campus?

To keep the staff happy, you can open an overview where you can see who needs training or a raise. But what about the students?

The personal goals of the students are a bit tricky to find. Because these goals only appear temporarily and disappear either by fulfilling them or after the specified period of time has expired. Since there is currently no overall overview of personal goals, you only have three options for finding them:

  • You look at each student individually. To get to the other students, you can click on the arrow (triangle on PS5) next to their names. The Personal Goal category only appears if there is a goal, otherwise, it is not visible.
  • A thought bubble with a colorful target and an arrow hovers over the heads of the characters. These people have a personal goal that you can see in their character view.
  • In your messages, you will occasionally find direct requests to fulfill a personal goal. These mostly cost not only money but also kudosh.

Fulfilling personal goals will help you keep students happy. At the latest when you get the task of completing a certain number of goals for a higher star rating, you have to deal with it.

How do I meet personal goals?

Personal goals are more like personal desires. Because the students don't want a good degree or an average grade, they want park benches, slot machines, a cozy bed or a love corner, or maybe even a party.

Look at your personal goal and see if it fits your budget. If so, try placing it near the person. Because the personal goal is only considered completed when the wisher has interacted with the object or at least perceived it.

The better your campus, the fewer personal goals you will see. This is mainly because the students are happy and their needs are met automatically. In this case, you will find more requests in your inbox with more expensive personal goals.