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Two Point Campus Increase campus level and improve the attractiveness of the university - Game Guide

 In Two Point Campus your goal is to expand and improve the campus. The higher your campus level, the more benefits you gain for your university. Therefore, we show you here how you can increase the campus level and improve the attractiveness of the university.

Two Point Campus Increase campus level and improve the attractiveness of the university

What is the campus level?

The campus-level reflects the value of your university. It will be shown to you at the bottom right next to the sign with the three columns. The higher your campus level, the more courses you can unlock, upgrade, get better credits, and most importantly, complete campaign goals.

How can I increase the campus level?

You need a lot of money to level up the campus level, but it pays off in the long run. Because it also affects the environment and the employees and students, who get more opportunities and become happier as a result. Here are some areas you need to pay attention to in order to level up:

Hire qualified personnel

As you hire staff, you'll find that some people are more cost-effective than others. This is because future employees have either one, two or even three characteristics. The more qualified the staff is, the higher your campus level will be.

You can expand this even further from the third campus, in Mitton University. Because there you get the training room and can train your staff. With each completed training you will receive more points for the campus. We explain how this works in the linked article.

Expand the course and invite more students

As you move up the campus level, you earn course credits. Since this is the only way to get course credits, you should invest them wisely. With the points, you can upgrade your current degree programs or offer new ones at the beginning of the new school year.

As a result, there are many new students and at the same time an increase in the campus level. So there is an interplay between campus points and course points. Therefore, use the course credits as best as possible after each year to bring new students to the university.

If you lower the tuition fees, you can also register some students. But make sure that the learning curve of the students is in the green. Because the more students there are, the more difficult it is to achieve the learning objective.

build rooms

Over the course of your years of study, you will have to expand your campus to accommodate the necessary rooms. This is also a good way to level up the campus level. Because the more rooms you have, the more points you get for your campus level. However, make sure that you not only build rooms but also make them attractive.

improve the attractiveness of the university

The design of the university ensures that the mood of your students is good or not. It is therefore important that the campus is attractively designed. Attractiveness is always indicated by a flower symbol. The following object types will help you to improve the attractiveness of your university:

  • posters
  • Plant
  • statues
  • decorative objects
  • benches
  • tables

So if you want to increase the attractiveness of your university, then before buying an object, first check whether the flower is in the description. To do this, hold the cursor over it and you will find all values ​​that are increased by the placement. After all, you don't want to throw your hard-earned kudosh out the window.

If attractiveness is a factor in your main star rating goals, you'll find that it often fluctuates wildly. This is because each room and outdoor space is valued individually. If you only take care of the decoration in the building, the attractiveness will drop rapidly as soon as the students are in the green.

So use the decorative objects and design the wall and floor color of the rooms to increase the attractiveness. Since the location of the placement is irrelevant, you can, for example, completely build an area outside and thus improve the attractiveness of the university.