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Two Point Campus Train staff and increase salary - Game Guide

 At Two Point Campus, training and salaries are essential to keep employees happy. We explain when you will unlock further training and how you can increase the salaries of the staff.

Two Point Campus Train staff and increase salary - Game Guide

Types of staff at Two Point Campus

On each campus, there are three different groups of staff who are responsible for running your university and who all get salaries and will sooner or later be crying out for further education.

  • lecturers
  • assistants
  • building superintendent

You need the lecturers so that they teach the students, give them tutoring or to research new objects. Each lecturer usually has a subject that he or she has already masters. For example robotics, dark arts, gastronomy, or knight sciences.

The assistants are responsible for all areas where you need help. Depending on how big your campus is, you'll need quite a few assistants. They take care of the food and drink stands, the clinic, the common and student rooms, the pastoral care and also the library.

The caretakers keep the building in good condition. At the beginning of the game, you will not need many caretakers, since the campuses are still relatively small and the repairs are limited. At the latest from the fourth campus, you have to upgrade here too. Because only the janitors can throw the intruders outside again as security.

Some employees also possess a second quality that enhances personality traits. However, these are more expensive than staff with only one property. If you can't afford it, don't worry: you can simply train your staff later instead.

When and how can staff be trained?

From the third campus, Mitton University, you finally have the opportunity to train your employees. A small tutorial will let you place a training room and a research room. This is also bitterly necessary because campus life is becoming more and more complex.

At the bottom left you to see a blue bar, the menu. Here is a pawn head in the middle. There you not only have an overview of your staff and students but now also of further education. Click on the small board there and you will get an overview of staff training.

Your entire staff is now recorded here and it is displayed whether the individual employees are willing to undergo further training, whether further training is planned or is in progress. You can train each person, but you can assign a maximum of three different skills to an employee. In addition, all further training costs money (not Kudosh ), and the higher quality it is, the longer it takes and is more expensive.

For each further training, you need a free further training machine. So there is no point in sending 11 people on training at the same time if you only have one machine.

The lecturers can learn several courses, tutoring, research, or various personality traits. While it sounds convenient for a professor to master multiple majors, it's important to remember that they can't split up to teach.

Therefore, try to train the lecturers in what they can already do. As a result, the teaching is of a higher quality and the students learn faster and better. It also helps you with research and achieving star goals, as certain objects require a high research level.

At the beginning, the caretakers can only repair simple things and collect garbage. In addition to the security function mentioned above, after developing the mechanic's skill, you can also upgrade your existing teaching objects after they have been unlocked with research. This also makes the lesson even better.

You can never have enough assistants and the training of these is only really important for two groups: the first aid training for the clinic and the pastoral care for sad students. The higher these skills are developed, the better they can look after the students and the mood on campus improves again.

Increase salary and keep staff happy

So that not only the students but also the campus staff are happy, you have to take care of appropriate payment. So that you don't have to call up each person individually, you can click on the button with the three white columns in the blue bar below. There you will find a statistics button with the campus overview.

Open it and you will get an overview of your students, the staff and the success of the campus. In the "Employee overview" tab you can see how many employees you have, what the mood is like and how satisfied they are with the teaching profession.

If you don't take care of your faculty, they can issue termination warnings. So click on the folder button called "Policies" at the top. There you can see the current demands for an increase in salary and you can accept them directly by clicking on the green check mark.

You can also set whether you want to increase the salary of a certain group of people or pay 1% more salary to the entire staff . By the way, you can press this as often as you like, so be careful not to set the salary too high. The desired salary can be adjusted either after further training or at the end of the year.

If you click on your employees individually, you can also increase their salary here. If someone is particularly unhappy and wants to quit, it may be enough to raise that person's salary rather than the whole group's.

Finally, you should make sure to increase the threshold for staff breaks. After all, the employees also need to rest from time to time. Otherwise, they overwork themselves and become dissatisfied.