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Walkthrough Saints Row (2022) - game guide

 How to complete all story missions and defeat all bosses

At the beginning of the game, select the desired difficulty level. There are five of them in total, and I strongly recommend not to put them below the Entrepreneur level. Watch the introductory video, after which you will be asked to choose the main character who will become the leader of the gang. All these templates don't really do anything other than changing the look of your character. Select the desired option from the pre-created ones. Moreover, you can perform some deep settings, and change the color and shape of the eyes, skin, and so on separately. When you get tired, confirm the desire to continue.

Walkthrough Saints Row (2022) - game guide

First f#@! day

To start, move forward using various covers. Along the way, you will encounter a couple of opponents. Use W, A, S, and D to move, RMB to aim, and LMB to shoot. In general, the control scheme is no different from standard third-person shooters. When you approach the indicated mark, the allies will shoot at the fence and destroy all enemy turrets.

Go to the flaming courtyard and turn right along the building. Kill a melee enemy before he can run up to you, then jump over the fence in front by approaching him and pressing "Space". Regroup with your squad, and then follow the armored personnel carrier and kill the enemies that will appear from different directions. You will get acquainted with interesting mechanics. When there are explosive objects near enemies or the place you are looking at (barrels, boxes of explosives, etc.), the crosshair will automatically aim at them, and you will see a tooltip with the E key instead. Press it to make an accurate shot and blow up objects.

Keep moving, and when the APC stops, jump on it to sit behind the turret. Destroy enemies from different sides. Behind the turret, you are already in control of your every shot, so you must manually aim at explosive objects. At the end, a helicopter will appear, which you must destroy. Then wait for the armored personnel carrier to fly into the tunnel. You will be separated from the squad.

Inside the mine, you will learn about the finishing system. The first enemy will appear, which you can immediately finish off with the E key. Such finishing moves allow you to automatically restore your health. As soon as you complete the last hit, a percentage circle will appear at the bottom and in the center of the screen. Re-finishing will be possible only after the scale is filled to 100%, and instead of them, the purple “Saints” icon appears. In addition, you will realize that you can perform the last hit if the enemy is highlighted in purple. Press E again to finish him off and restore his health points. They will also tell you how to attack opponents with a kick - the F key. If you suddenly catch fire, use the CTRL key to roll to put out the fire. The same rolls will allow you to avoid damage from shots or in melee.

To change weapons, use the mouse wheel, number keys, or the selector that opens to G. Go down the street across the bridge until an enemy group appears ahead. Among them will be snipers. Watch out for the red beams and dodge with CTRL to avoid damage. Don't forget about finishing moves. Around the corner on the right will be the first grenadiers, which are marked with an "explosion" icon. They will throw grenades at you. The best medicine is evasion!

Keep moving until you meet Gwen. Together with her, get to the saloon and kill the enemies, one by one. Wait until Gwen orders you to go inside. Go to the doors of the saloon and watch the cutscene. Chase the Nahualli up the steps. Kill the enemies until you can get out. Go down to Gwen, watch the video, and then shoot back at the enemy fighters for a few minutes. Eventually, the mission will end.

Customize the appearance of your character, choose clothes for him, and after the cut-scene with Gwen, the task will be completed. As a reward, you will receive 3000 experience points, the Fashion app (which can be used on your phone at any time to change the character's appearance).

A morning commute from work

The task will begin immediately after the completion of the previous mission, in the Marshall building outside the city. Proceed to your car parked in the nearest parking lot. You need to return to your apartment in the city. It will be the first base where you will play approximately a quarter of the game. Just follow the marked path through the desert until you reach the apartment.

Go inside the building where a cutscene will play and you will meet your buddies. The mission will end with a cutscene and you will immediately start the next one. There is no reward.

It's time to pay the rent

The quest will start immediately after completing the previous mission, with no interruptions or rewards in between. First, you need to go outside and talk to Nina, who is on the nearest path. To quickly leave the apartment, you can jump off the balcony to the north of the room. Go across the street to the indicated car and steal it - you will use this car when robbing the store.

Follow the new marker to get to the store. A cut-scene will start. After the robbery, you will automatically return to the car. You need to get to the next location. Direction markers appear as you move, one after the other. So just follow the marked road until you run into a train on the way.

A chase will begin: you will be pursued by two police cars, and in order to continue the task, they will have to be destroyed. Use hints to ram nearby cars. In this way, you will destroy both police cars chasing you. The markers will continue to indicate the correct path. But in general, don't worry about where you need to get to. Focus on destroying enemy vehicles first.

This job may encounter an error that will cause it to abort and cannot be completed. Especially if you destroy the car before you receive the corresponding task. If this happens, the other car will disappear. In this case, restart the last checkpoint.

Having dropped the cops from the "tail", you can go to the right place. Follow the moving target and you will eventually reach the junkyard. After that, you will receive your first level-up and will be able to follow the tutorial on unlocking and using skills. Equip the first unlocked skill. This skill will allow you to eliminate armored opponents.

It turns out that the landfill is located on the territory of Los Panteros. You need to destroy all enemies in the territory. Kill the enemy behind the turret, which will appear after the first enemy group. There are motorcycles on the east side that you can use to escape. Jump on one of them.

Continue following the markers that lead outside the city. from one marker to another. Nina will meet you at the bridge outside the city. As soon as you pass the gas station and a large fork, you will see a cut scene, after which the mission will be completed.

Observe and report

Marshall has a new task for you, so first, you need to meet with Gwen. Before you hit the road, don't worry about what car you're driving or what items you have. You will receive everything you need from Marshall himself - just like in his other tasks. After a cut scene in which Gwen explains the mission, you will find yourself in the passenger seat of the car with J.R., and you will pursue the convoy. Just watch.

After a while, the bikers located at the end of the convoy will start shooting at you. We'll have to destroy them. Also at the end of the convoy, there will be a turret that will open fire on you. Jump onto the roof of the car to deal with it. Hold the indicated key to get onto the roof (usually, this works when driving any vehicle). Wait for the car to drive up to the trailer and press the same key again to jump to the back of the turret trailer.

Deal with the enemy behind the turret. Try to hit the head that sticks out above the turret. Then, destroy the opponents shooting at you on the transport to the side of the trailer. Stand behind the turret and use it to speed up the process. Don't worry about the cars ahead of the trailer. Now you are only interested in the equipment that is next to the trailer. Transport without a visual display of the safety margin is not destroyed.

After that, you need to leave the burning trailer. To do this, go to the right front, towards the car that you may have noticed before. Jump on it. The vehicle you are currently in will continue to move and slowly move forward towards the other vehicle. While the car is moving, Pantheros on the left will shoot at you. As you can see, they will have to be destroyed.

After a while, the car you're in will catch fire and you'll need to jump to the next one ahead. The new car will drive a short distance to the side, and you can jump onto the next truck in the column. Here you will encounter even more Pantheros that you need to destroy. From both sides, other trucks with enemies will appear, which will start to jump towards you or shoot directly from a nearby vehicle.

After all enemies are destroyed, J.R. will pull up on the left side of your truck and you can get back into your car. Sergio will appear on the back of the monster truck and try to crush you. Keep shooting at him until he eventually breaks. In this mission, you have unlimited ammo for your assault rifle, so there is no need to save money.

You will continue to chase the convoy, but a sandstorm will begin. After a while, bikers will appear around you - shoot them all. Jump on the car ahead. Two turrets will start shooting at you. Ignore them: after jumping onto the third vehicle, you will be prompted to shoot the hitch holding the turret platform with the main trailer. Do this and you will get rid of both turrets in one second. When you're done, the car you're on will follow the main trailer and you can jump on it.

Finally, you need to deal with the remaining enemies on this truck. There will be two opponents on the bottom platform where you start. On a higher platform, four more. One attacks as soon as you appear. He can jump down. Three more will come running when you rise. After you finish all the opponents, go to the front of the truck to see a cut scene.

After the scene in which you will be shown the wreck of the convoy, you will find yourself in a rocky area where opponents will appear that you need to destroy. This will probably be your first encounter with armored enemies that have an extra health bar. In addition, you will not be able to use the last hits against them until this very yellow bar disappears. However, they have various abilities against them, so don't forget about their use.

You should also be wary of opponents moving on bikes. You can shoot at the opponents themselves or at their bikes. After all the enemies are dead, you will see another cut scene. The mission will end soon.

A little movement

J.R. (your driver from the previous mission) wants to ask you for something. Go to the meeting point and talk to him. He wants to go into business, but some Idols have stolen the supplies. Head to the camp nearby, where the marker points. Enter the marked place and go to the area with the tents.

After an automatic conversation with the Idol, you need to find a few people who you can ask for details. The right person is marked with a corresponding marker, but the marker will only appear if you get close enough to him. First, talk to the Masked Idol. It can be found under the tent in the southeastern part of the circle.

Then you need to find Martin, who is shaking his head. He stands under the tent in the northern part of the circle. Finally, you need to find Timmy O, who is trying to repair his bike. It's easy to find because it's the Idol, marked with a red skull on your minimap, located in the southwestern part of the circle. Timmy O will tell you the place in the camp where the parts are stored, so go there, to the building with neon lights.

Near the right place are Idols that interfere with you. Deal with them. Jump into the nearest marked buggy. Vehicles are equipped with a towline that can be attached to an object behind you using the appropriate button. Use it to attach the container to the buggy.

Now that you have all the parts, move the buggy to where you previously met J.R. On the way there, you will be chased by Idols, so use the attached container to destroy them. Before you can talk to J.R., you need to deal with all the remaining pursuers. Go to the construction site and talk to J.R.

After a while, additional Idols will appear and attack the construction site. You have to deal with every enemy. Enemies appear on several vehicles at once, so keep destroying them. When there are a minimum of enemies left, make sure that some of them do not stay somewhere far away, otherwise, you will not be able to complete the mission. In this case, I recommend that you independently approach the opponents and finish off everyone. Once all the Idols have been killed, you can walk up and talk to J.R. again to complete the mission.

The Peter Principle

Marshall is in the Museum. Head to the marked location on the northwestern outskirts of the city. You will find yourself inside the museum along with the rest of Marshall's employees. After an automatic conversation with the guard, follow the marker to a separate area.

Go down the stage and approach Atticus, who is sitting at one of the tables. After talking to him, go across the room to the marked table and interact with him to get a drink. The truck will break through the wall and several Los Panteros will fly into the building. Kill them as they appear. After defeating the first enemies, you need to go through the museum to find the codex. Follow the marked path out of the room past the next group of Los Panteros.

Once you reach the large open room, the Idols will appear and attack you as well. You need to defeat all the Idols in the room, and only after that, you can go through the door on the top floor. To simplify the task, try to get to the far stairs as quickly as possible. Opponents will start shooting at you from above, but as soon as you get to the stairs, they will not be able to hit you. You will also avoid enemies riding motorcycles.

On the top floor, you need to beware of a few more enemy groups on bikes that will move around the area. After the Idols have been dealt with, you can go through the door on the east side of the top floor. Continue to the objective through another room with Idols that you will have to kill. You will then find the final enemies attacking the codex container.

Once the Idols are dead, you will be able to interact with the front of the codex case. By doing this, you will set the object in motion. It will move automatically, but only if you are in the circle that appears on the floor around it. If you are inside the circle, it will be green, otherwise, it will be red. So it's easy to understand. Stay inside the circle while continuing to kill the Idols in the next large room.

After dropping to a lower level, you need to return to the codex. To start, go through the marked door, then in the next room, go up the stairs to the "Santo Ilezo Museum" sign. You need to find a way to get through the locked door. First, go back to the door you entered through and you will see an unused RPG shell lying on the ground. Next to the corpses of Pantheros.

After picking up the projectile, approach the cannon in the middle of the room and interact with it to place it inside and blow up the wall. Continue to follow the goal through other rooms, killing enemies. You'll see the Idols and Los Panteros battling each other, though otherwise there's nothing new or out of the ordinary to take you by surprise. The path through the area is mostly linear and leads through several floors of the room.

After passing the third floor, you will encounter a group of Idles in a smaller room. Deal with them, then pick up the minigun from the floor. Use the weapon to destroy the marked door. In the room ahead, you need to destroy all the Los Panteros that have appeared. They spawn through doors outside the room, so just keep an eye on the doorway and take out the enemies as soon as they spawn. Once all enemies are defeated, a cutscene will play and the mission will be completed.

Master of your life

After the failure of the work to protect the code in the previous mission, you were left without a job at home. After rising from the bed, go to the kitchen to see Nina. After talking with Nina, open the fridge and take the food. Take the waffle to the toaster on the kitchen table and toast it. Complete some QTE activities.

After you successfully fry the waffles, sit down with Nina on the sofa. After a few scenes, you will head to the north side of town for an Idol party to rescue Kevin and Eli. When you get to the place, you can just drive forward past the checkpoint. Inside, there will be Idols and Los Panteros fighting among themselves. Kill them all while moving towards the target marker.

Once you get to the dance floor, the target will reset and you'll have to take out the remaining enemies that are shooting towards the bar where Kevin and Eli are hiding. Once you've killed all the enemies, head towards the target marker to meet up with Kevin and Eli.

After the cut-scene, you will be attacked by additional Idols, including a member of the Community. Most likely, this will be the first battle against a character from the "boss" category. The main difference between them and regular armored enemies is that bosses will have a large amount of armor, and even without it, they cannot be killed with the last hits. In addition, each boss has several unique abilities. The main skill used by members of the Community is a kind of stun grenade that temporarily reduces your visibility.

Throughout the battle, other opponents will appear, so be sure to finish them off to restore some of your health. Deal with them, then switch back to the boss. When the enemy is defeated, you need to return to the entrance to the hall. Walk past the new truck to the left. Kill enemies while your allies follow the truck.

Once Eli gets to the truck and is inside, you can jump inside through the passenger door. As soon as Nina gets behind the wheel, hold the corresponding key to be on the roof of the truck. You will have access to a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo, so shoot at any enemies that are chasing you. Don't worry about rocket explosions next to the truck: your rockets won't damage allies or the truck. After a long chase, a cut-scene will start, and the mission will be completed.

take me to church

The allies gather for a meeting to establish the headquarters of a new criminal formation. Go inside to meet them. You must go to the right place and inspect it. Get in the car with everyone else. The location of the church is marked on your map - just north of your current location. You need to liquidate the construction crew, which is located in the camp in front of the church, which will become your new headquarters. Jump into the marked loader in front.

Using the loader, destroy all the building items in front of the church. This goes for things like trucks, buildings, and outbuildings. A prompt will appear on the screen indicating which key will raise or lower the loader bucket. Raising the bucket, you will throw up different objects. After destroying enough things, Marshall's machines will appear and the enemies will attack you. Eliminate them all. You can either just go out and shoot the enemies, or use the same loader against them.

After you deal with the opponents, return to the entrance to the church and talk to your allies. Blande is a developer who owns the land. To get it right, you have to make some effort. Head to the marked location nearby to find Blande in City Hall. Blande is in the car in front of the building. Leave the car and get into his car.

You need to perform a series of tricks to get Blunde to hand over the documents to the ground. Don't stop or he might jump out. First of all, you need to drift. If you have not yet understood how drifting works in the game, you just need to hold the desired key and the car will drift. And then turn around in the other direction and keep moving. Therefore, if you want to drift longer, you need to tilt the car in the opposite direction to the current drift.

To perform the next trick, you need to enter the highway: the game will direct you to the nearest entry point, and you must go in the "oncoming" lane. Drive into oncoming traffic until you fill the entire scale. As a general rule, you can drive in a straight line between two lanes and are unlikely to get in the way of other vehicles.

To perform the last trick, you need to go to the cemetery, which will be marked on your map. Around the cemetery, there are several hills formed by mausoleums. Use them to jump up a few times and fill the gauge. Be sure to control yourself in the air so that you do not turn the car over when landing. After jumping, Blande will give up his briefcase and you can return to the church. Talk to the comrades outside the temple.

You need to find a way to get inside the church in order to open the door for them. Follow the objective to the left to climb onto the roof, then continue right. Go to the next objective using the debris on the balcony to get to the second roof level and then climb up to the upper level. Go through the hole in the wall, then follow the boards to reach the balcony on the other side of the room, where there is a ladder leading down to the front door.

Once you get to the door, interact with it to open it and go outside. Several Idols will attack the church, and will first spawn right in front of it. Deal with everyone. After the first group, you will need to help Kevin, who is protecting another area. Go around the church on the left again and go through the arches leading to the right place.

Once the group next to Kevin is done with, you need to go inside the church to help Eli. The enemy will open a door through which you can get inside. After all the enemies inside are destroyed, a cutscene will play and the mission will be completed.

target shooting

Follow the road to where Eli is waiting for you. He has set up a target and wants to see how you shoot. Stand at the barriers to start the challenge. When you're ready, interact with the barrier ahead.

As soon as you start the test, you will see moving targets ahead of you that you need to shoot at. You need to repeat this for four steps. It doesn't really matter how many targets you shoot, so hit as many as you can. After the 4th set of targets, Marshall's cars will start appearing from behind the hill: shoot them.

After the destruction of several opponents, you will be asked to sit in Eli's car, standing nearby. You will lead and Eli will shoot. Just follow the roads while waiting for Eli to destroy Marshall's cars chasing you. If any of the vehicles get too close, you can ram them to speed up the process, but most of the vehicles will be left behind and Eli will destroy them himself. Even if you are still pursued, but you reset the wanted level, the task will end.


Kevin wants to talk about something, so moves toward the church. Go inside the church and talk to Kevin. He wants to get some items to decorate the interior of the building. For the first, go to Fort Cullen, which is nearby.

Open your phone's camera and take a picture of the cannon. You must ensure that you center the screen around the subject within the white dots. Focus on the HUD of the camera. Also, zoom in/out.

Once you've taken the picture, return to the church and go inside. There are various places in and around the church where you can place items that have been photographed. Place the cannon on the marked spot to complete the task.

The fastest and most delicious

Once again, Kevin asks for a favor. Talk to him and find out that he wants you to help him get the toy from FB. Drive to the nearest location by car. Upon arrival, you will see that there are several cars in line. Just go around and push them to get to the order window first. They don't have toys, so move to the next location on the map.

In the parking lot next to the FB, there will be a lot of Idols to kill. Deal with everyone standing near the building. When all the Idols are destroyed, you can drive up to the desired window. It turns out that the Idols have stolen a shipment of toys and you need to find them. Follow the marked car with the container on the roof. Crash into it several times to stop the car. It is important not to go too far, otherwise, the car may explode.

As soon as the car stops, get out of your car and get behind the wheel. Follow the objective marker back to the church. You don't have to move all the way to the church. The mission will end on its own after a shortcut when Kevin finishes talking.

Connections and acquaintances

Eli has business development plans. Head to the church to meet him. Next, you need to meet with J. R. to see if he wants to join your organization. Head to J.R.'s garage to talk to him. He will talk about the problems with the local Panteros that hinder the development of his business. Head to the marker in the southwest. Kill the group of Los Panteros you find in the park.

J.R. will direct you to the local railroad depot, where parts guarded by Pantheros can be found. Head to this place. Go through the specified door into the building and make your way deep into the depot. Inside the depot there are several opponents that you will have to deal with. Once all the enemies have been eliminated, exit through the indicated door to get to the desired location. There are two monster trucks outside - get behind the wheel of either one!

Being in a monster truck, you must move around the territory and destroy boxes marked with markers. Just ride on them. The same goes for enemies and any vehicles they may be in. J.R. will ask you to return to the garage to help him defend himself against new enemies. Kill all Pantheros. After the first wave, Derek and a few more Pantheros will appear in a machine with a turret. Once they are all dead, go back and talk to J.R.

After talking with J.R. you will automatically return to the church. Interact with the large table in front to open the empire management screen. To continue the story, you need to select a location on the map and then place one of the three original businesses. It really doesn't matter what you choose or where you put it. One thing to keep in mind is to leave one of the free spaces on the left side of the map for the business you get at the end of the story. After placing a business, you will automatically be transported to it to meet the person who manages it. Then the mission will be completed.


Eli needs your help again: go to the western part of the city to meet him at the store. Eli wants you to help him run Dustmoot, a city-wide RPG event. Get into the car parked nearby. Go to the newly marked location on the map, where you need to get supplies for weapons and armor. Interact with a bunch of boxes to pick up supplies. After putting on the armor, chat with Eli to get a weapon suitable for Dustmoot.

Try out the Dustmoot weapon you received by shooting three people standing nearby. Eli will mark a new location to travel to for the first challenge. As soon as you get close to the target, get out of the car and walk. Get closer to the target and talk to the marked character.

Opponents will not agree to your terms, so they will have to be eliminated. Weapons for Dustmoot work just like regular weapons (headshots deal more damage) and you can still kill enemies, you just can't use your abilities. Destroy all guards. Once they've all been defeated, approach the beacon and interact with it to set it on fire.

After activating the beacon, more enemies will appear on the transport. Eliminate them, and when they are defeated, return to the car and go to the fort. Approach the gate and talk to the guard standing near it. You will be allowed inside. Wait for the guard to finish the monologue, then go through the gate.

Once inside, destroy all opponents. Continue walking towards the center of the area to find even more enemies. Once they've all been defeated, head up to the marked pedestal to inspect the chest. It remains to search the rest of the area to find three more chests and get some loot. All of them are located in the central part on the lower level. The first one can be found next to a pile of tires east of the central pedestal.

If you head west to another part of the area, you can find another chest next to the shipping containers. Then find the last chest located on the northern side of the area, next to the concrete pipes. To find the last item, you need to enter the main hall. Follow the objective marker south of the area where there is a staircase leading to the Great Worm.

Inside the Great Worm, there will be opponents and golden bags to shoot at (balloons hanging from the ceiling). Follow the path to the end, hitting the four marked bags and defeating all enemies. At the end of the location, after dealing with all the enemies, you can interact with the crates to get duct tape. After picking up the item, you can shoot at the bags on the wall, and then at the wall itself to get out of the Great Worm. Jump down and talk to Eli to complete the quest.

Aggressive recruitment

Eli doesn't want to calm down. This time he has plans for recruitment. Head to the church to meet your comrades. Head upstairs near the Empire Table to chat with the group. Interact with the computer on the desk to watch the live stream of Boot Hill. Go to the pier behind the church to find it, which will take you to the right place.

Interact with the ticket office to get to Boot Hill. You won't be able to use regular weapons, but you can pick up new ones from loot boxes - like the two in the front that holds melee weapons. Keep moving until you meet the enemies marked on the mini-map. After dealing with them, you can find another coffin nearby to get a revolver - a much more useful weapon.

You need to destroy all the enemies in the area (including the one on the roof of the building), after which the game will point to a new marker: continue moving in the given direction. Follow forward past the Boot Hill sign, where there will be another coffin from which you can take weapons. Inside the second building (opposite the ammo cart) another weapon coffin can be found, this time with a shotgun.

Continue following the marker along the narrow path. As soon as you get close to the place with the path at the top, new opponents will appear: proceed with caution. Keep moving until you reach an ammo cart. You can then climb the stairs from either side to get to the upper level. Destroy all enemies on the second level, then get a grenade launcher from the coffin (useless if you run out of grenades).

Once all the enemies have been defeated, you will be directed to a tunnel to go down into. There is another coffin here, which contains another weapon (but we do not recommend taking it). Make your way through the tunnels past the next ammo cart, then look for three enemies running at you from the top of the hill. After the next room, there will be the last weapon coffin, which holds a special melee weapon. Go outside.

Outside, you need to kill another boss, which basically acts the same as a regular member of the Community, which you fought a few tasks earlier. Keep an eye on your health, especially on higher difficulties, because a Community member can kill you in seconds. There is a turret on the west side that you can stand behind and take out the boss.

Once the boss has been defeated, head towards the turret (if you haven't done so already) as there will now be more enemies in this area that will emerge from the tunnels and stairwells ahead. Keep killing enemies for a short period of time, after which the mission will automatically end.

Idol Threats

This evening you will be watching telenovelas with Kevin. Go to the church to meet him. Kevin didn't show up and Eli says he forgot his inhaler. Exit the church and jump into the indicated car. Head to the marked location to get to the point where Kevin's phone is possibly located. After a short cutscene, you will be inside the bar. Press the indicated key several times to hit the jukebox with the Idol.

After that, you need to destroy the rest of the enemies in the bar. In this section, you will only be allowed to use hand-to-hand combat, so don't try to draw your firearm. You can use your abilities to make battles easier. After everyone is defeated, you can go outside and find Kevin's phone lying on the table. A few more Idols will appear from the far part of the location, which must be eliminated. Follow the marker nearby.

After the cut scene, you will be able to go to the Idol camp. You need to go around the camp, destroying items to fill the scale in the upper left corner. The camp covers the entire open area, and you will have to destroy quite a few objects before the bar is full. After destroying enough, you will hear the Idol locked in the toilet stall. He will say that Kevin has been trapped at the Santo Ileso sign and is about to be blown up. You can press the indicated key to drop the hook from the toilet stall, and go to the desired point.

The next step is to defuse the bombs. You can ignore the enemies if they don't interfere with you: just focus on the main target. To start, follow the marker to the stairs at the back and climb up. On the first landing, you will find the first of five bombs. You need to interact with each to defuse all the bombs. They are arranged in a linear fashion, on their way up to the sign, and are hard to miss as each is indicated by a marker. If you spot a helicopter on your way up, don't shoot it: it's immune to your weapons.

When you get to the upper level, you will notice Kevin, but first, you will have to deactivate the last bomb located behind him. After disarming the last bomb, you can interact with the back of the chair Kevin is sitting on to free him. When Kevin is released, you can take revenge on the Idols who kidnapped him with him. Jump from the sign to the marker, press the indicated key in the air to open the wingsuit, and glide down.

Continue along the path around the house, on the left, making your way through the Idols. After dealing with all the enemies in the backyard, a member of the Community will descend from the helicopter to you, and another battle with the boss will begin. He may run away, so you will have to chase him. The battle is practically no different from the previous ones. After the boss is defeated, all remaining enemies will automatically leave the location. The mission will end with a short conversation with Kevin.

Nina's car

Nina needs your help: go to the church to meet her. Nina will explain that Los Panteros stole her car, and mark the place where you need to go in search of her. In the huge sewer you will encounter several Pantheros: kill all the enemies in the area and those who appear later. The car isn't here, so Nina will suggest checking out Garbriel's nearby garage.

In the garage, Nina will automatically ask Gabriel some questions. In order for Gabriel to speak, you must use the car in his garage. Approach it to open the car settings menu. Do with the car what you like: for example, you can repaint it. By replacing 2-3 parts, you will receive the necessary information from Gabriel.

Gabriel will report that Nina's car is in the Quarry, and you need to get there as quickly as possible. Target markers will constantly update, indicating only the distance nearby. You will pass through a sewer. As soon as you get out into the desert, you can follow the road: keep in mind that if you accidentally overturn the car, you will have to overcome the rest of the way on foot. When you reach the target point, after a short scene, the mission will be completed.


First, head to Kraken Castle to meet everyone. In the castle, listen to Elijah's speech. During the conversation, enemies from the Phoenix House will appear and attack the castle. Kill everyone you can. Some enemies have made their way into the castle during the fight and you need to find and kill eight spies. To make it easier, first go to the left of the entrance, to the ramp leading into the wall. The first enemy stands at the top of the ramp.

Right after that, go up the second ramp to find the next enemy. Then turn right and, standing on the edge, look for two more opponents: one on the lower level and one on the platform just above. Return to the lower level of the castle and this time go to the right side of the door to another ramp leading up. At the top of the first level, you can find the fifth enemy. On the next level, there will be a sixth enemy right above you. Follow to the base of the large tower, where you can find the seventh enemy. Then you need to climb to the top of the tower, where you can find the last enemy. Climb down the castle (or just jump to ground level) and go to the right place. Leave the castle towards the fort. You don't have to go all the way: after a few seconds, you will automatically move to the fort.

In the fort, you need to destroy the Phoenix vehicles. Your car's special ability doesn't affect vehicles, so just crash into anything that moves. After all the cars are destroyed, return to the gate. After talking to the guard at the gate, use your vehicle's ability to open it.

Keep moving forward with the car: run over or ignore all the enemies you meet on your way. Once you get to the right place, blocked by wooden spikes, you will need to get out of the car and continue on foot. When you reach a dead end with a catapult, new enemies will appear. Keep destroying them as they appear while Nina repairs the launcher.

After a successful defense, Nina will ask you to grab a nut. Look for it on a stack of bricks on the left side of the area. Interact with Nina at the launcher to give her the nut, which will cause everyone to fly over the wall at once. Keep walking through the fort.

Gwen will appear in the area of ​​the arena and decide to fight you. While you are fighting her one on one, your allies are busy with other opponents. Focus on Gwen first, ignoring the other enemies. At the same time, you can use them for healing. Otherwise, you need to destroy only melee enemies. Gwen is cheating, so you will have to reduce her health bar three times in a row, and only after that she admits defeat.

After Gwen admits defeat, you can go to the king. Exit the arena and go up the hill where you can go inside the gas station. Complete a few QTE sequences to kill the Dust King, after which the mission will be completed.

Gut war

In order to start this mission, you first need to place and effectively complete the Kraken Castle facility, which you unlock after completing the Dustmoot mission. This business will cost you $30,000. You can place it anywhere, it doesn't affect anything, including upcoming missions.

Once the business is up and running, you will have to destroy the two beacons west of the city. These tasks are similar to the Dustmoot mission in which you lit the beacon. Interact with the beacon to light it up, after which several enemies will appear that you need to eliminate. You don't have to worry about which weapon you will use: you will automatically get a role-playing weapon during the defense of the territory, and after success, you will return access to the usual one.

The first beacon can be found on the edge of the map between the badlands to the north and the badlands to the south. Look for the Phoenix Lighthouse in the south of these lands, not far from the fast travel point, if you have previously visited this area. After destroying both beacons, you can return to the Kraken's Castle and chat with the Loremaster again to complete the Enterprise. After that, you will be able to start this mission.

Eli has a plan to win Dustmoot. Head to the northern part of the city to meet him. When you arrive at the place, talk to Eli and Nina. Get into Eli's car nearby and follow to Bowelrod's lair. Talk to the Guardian on the spot. Follow him through the building, then interact to get the keys. You will be able to collect items for reconstruction. Follow the marker nearby to get to Fort Phoenix. You will be given an invisibility potion that will allow you to sneak into the camp unnoticed. Climb up and go through the marked gap in the fence.

You will be invisible as long as you keep your hands up. That is, you cannot run, fight in close combat, and so on. You need to covertly kill all seven enemies inside the fort. Do this when others are not looking at you. In the case of the first three enemies, go to the far east to find the enemies that are looking at the other two. Destroy each of them in order.

When they are done with, you can go around the back of the building and kill a lone enemy that will pass by. Three more enemies will remain on the other side of the building. Eliminate in the same way as the first three, but this time in a different order. Deal with the one on the wall first, and then the two below.

After the enemies are finished, you can go to the chest below. Go back to the wall the enemy was standing on and jump down to the other side to get to the ground. Head to the warehouse on the left side. There is no need to act covertly: run to the warehouse and destroy all the enemies that are inside.

When the enemies are defeated, you can pick up the next part from the chest on the side of the warehouse. Wait in the warehouse for Nina to bring the car and talk to her to find out what to do next. Exit the warehouse and follow the path up the hill. On your way, you will meet even more enemies that you need to kill as they appear. When all the enemies on the top are defeated, go behind the building, where you can find a chest with the last part. Follow the marker up the slope where you can jump down and glide on the wingsuit. Interact with Nina in the garage to give her the last detail.

Nina will do everything in her power. Enemy groups will appear on both sides of the garage: you need to destroy them as they appear until Nina is finished. After Nina completes the ritual, you will be able to drive the vehicle. Follow the marker to find Elijah, who is surrounded by enemies. Ram them all and use the vehicle's ability to deal damage over time to all enemies around the vehicle. After all, opponents are eliminated, the task will end.

Too Much Attention

Nina wants you to check on some of the team with her. Meet her in front of the church. Get in the car, and then go to the marked place to meet with the Saints. Walk past the armored truck to talk to a couple of crew members about the heist and loot. After talking to the merchant, interact with the bag next to him to collect your share. Cops will appear in front of the entrance - to deal with everyone.

Note. During this episode, the second group of police officers may appear on the highway behind you. And instead of following you, they will leave. If this happens, you will have to restart the checkpoint, since you will not be able to kill them from here, and if you move away from the place of the mission, the mission will fail. To avoid this, try to go outside to the south where the first group of cops spawns so that the second group doesn't stop on the highway and get stuck in place.

After several waves with the cops, you will be asked to return to the armored truck to drive it away. Get in on the passenger side because Nina will be driving. Climb onto the roof of the car to shoot back from opponents. You have unlimited flare gun ammo, so keep shooting at any vehicles that are chasing you. After a few minutes of chase, the cops will retreat. Talk to Nina to complete the quest.

body of evidence

This is the first mission that will be unlocked if you complete the required tasks. Make sure you complete The Dustmoot mission and get access to the Kraken's Castle. J.R. needs your help: he wants to deal with the cops. In addition to you, Kevin will help him. Head to the first marked location to pick up Kevin. By doing this, you will receive a new marker with the location of J. R. When you arrive at the place, you will see that the cops attacked your comrade. Deal with everyone, then talk to J.R.

New cars with cops will arrive along the roads. Keep killing them, and after a few waves you can go back and talk to J.R. He will tell you where the rest of the files are. Go after them right now. After arriving at the warehouse, walk through it and burn six sets of documents. Finding them is not difficult, since they lie in open pantries, right next to the doors. Approach them and just interact.

To make it easier to find documents, burn the first one near the entrance, follow to the right and deal with documents in the middle passage. Go back and move along the left wall to find more documents. Look for others on the right after the last turn, in the middle aisle. To find the last document, turn around to face the armored personnel carrier, then go to the right side of the building behind the equipment. Go to the short passage on the left, and look in the second garage for the last files.

After all the evidence has been burned, helicopters will arrive at your positions. Jump into the armored personnel carrier and use the turret to destroy all opponents. After destroying all helicopters, you will complete the mission.


Follow the marker to find Nina. Enter the indicated place and chat with the girl. Get in your car and drive to a new location. When you reach the marker, get into the helicopter with Nina. Fly to the Scorpion Factory. Kill all enemies directly from the helicopter. You need to destroy three enemy waves. After you destroy everyone, you can land the helicopter on the roof of the factory.

Go to the factory using the hatch. Inside the factory, you need to destroy six cars. You can shoot them with weapons or aim at the explosive barrels standing next to them. After destroying the machines, follow the marker to find the forge. In the new room, even more, gangster cars will have to be destroyed. Repeat the same steps in two available ways.

After destroying all vehicles, follow the marker again. Kill all enemies in the room. Follow Nina to the control room. Turn on the console next to Nina. Since the console was not working, you need to activate the junction box outside the control room. Keep killing the enemies that will spawn after activating the junction box. After killing the first enemy group, activate the relay next to the forge. Right after the first relay, you can activate the second one. New enemies will appear. After eliminating them, watch the cut-scene, and then follow the marker to the exit from the factory.

Kill enemies while Nina prepares the car. Enemies will spawn indefinitely, so once the objective is updated, get in your car and leave the area.


Go to the back of the church to talk to your teammates. After the cut scene, you will find yourself in a plane above the prison. Jump outside and glide onto the roof of the prison. Hold the right key to slow down before landing, otherwise, you will die from the impact. Go to the hatch on the roof and go down to the prison. Once inside, you won't be able to fight until you get to Nahualli. Follow this path until you reach Camera Block B.

Even if enemies notice you, nothing will happen. The main thing - is do not to let them look at you for too long, otherwise, the mission will fail and you will have to start over. Move quickly and get past the guards to get out of sight before they recognize you. After the guards, once in block B, go to the left side and stop. Pay attention to the guards. You must climb up: beware of the guard at the top of the stairs. He is motionless. You must hide in the dark corner on the right.

To continue, enter the door behind the guard and follow through. Inside the next cell block, turn right and go downstairs. Go to the middle and wait behind the locker for the guard to walk past. After the guard passes by, move beyond the locker and go upstairs. Be careful of the guard standing in front of the stairs. Walk past and follow the door behind him.

Get to the right room where you can find Nahualli. To recruit him, you must free the man. To do this, go to the control room. The control room is located behind the Nahualli camera. Follow the marker. Just go to the commander and talk to him.

After killing the guard in the control room, you must destroy the servers located nearby. To save Nahualli, return to him by the same route, following the quest marker. Next, you have to escape from prison and return to where you came from. Enter the door behind Nahualli's cell and follow the corridor. The door will be closed, so you need to kill all the enemies inside this room.

After that, the door will open: go through it and follow the marker. In the next block of cells, you need to get rid of all the guards again in order to open the next door. When this happens, you will be able to pass through it. Follow the marker to the next block of cameras. Inside it, go down to the very bottom. You can ignore enemies. On the first floor, you need to kill all the opponents again to open the next door.

Go through two doors to get to the truck. Get in it and ram the gate. All you have to do now is follow the marker. Jump into the desert by driving up the hill.

donut trip

You need to get donuts for the team. Follow the marker to the store. Get in line for donuts, wait, then move forward. Repeat the procedure. Move higher and higher, after which you can order donuts! After ordering donuts, you will be attacked by enemies. Eliminate everyone.

Kill enemies until Kevin arrives. Once he's there, get in his car. Kevin will take you to a safe place where you will be attacked by opponents. Kill everyone. After the trip, talk to Hank and Claude. Wait for a new enemy wave. Kill all enemies. Talk to Hank and Claude one more time to complete the quest.

Hand of Idols

Kevin is waiting for you in front of the church: just talk to him. Move to the postman and chat about everything. The postman will say that some Idols are in a bar a little further down the road. Kill all the Idols to collect the required items. The surviving Idol is located just behind the bar in a small fenced area. Just talk to him. Drunk Idol will direct you to the FB supermarket. Kill a few more Idols to collect loot. Now move into the alley to find the remaining Idols. Kill the last enemy group to collect packages. Talk to Kevin right after you collect the last items.


As soon as you enter the church, a cut scene with Nahualli will begin. After the cutscene, enter the van in front of the church. You must reach the Los Panteros territories. Just follow the marker. The markers will switch straight ahead, but you will still have to follow the same path. Get out of the car at your destination. Talk to your friends, after which a bunch of enemies will appear: kill them all.

After eliminating all opponents, chat with friends again. Get into your vehicle and drive towards the bar. As usual, a marker will point to it. Upon arrival, enter the bar through the open door. Talk to the bartender. Marshals will appear, which will have to be killed. Having dealt with everyone, get on the bike standing near the bar. Move to the lake.

On the lake, you will meet several Idols. Take a jet ski to get to all the enemies that are in different parts of the lake. After killing all the Idols, return to the van. Follow the wagon to the hideout and protect it from attack. When the van reaches the hideout, you must enter it. Take the weapon to the hideout. Leave this place and finish off all the enemies to complete the mission.

The big train robbery

Nahualli wants to meet you at the cemetery. Get in the car and meet the man on the spot. After the video, you and Nahualli will ride a bike. Nahualli will bring the bike to the train so you can get on it. Your goal is to get to the end of the train, so just move along it. From time to time, enemies will appear that will have to be killed. After the turret, you will find yourself in a room with two servers. Destroy them using firearms or melee.

Keep moving along the train until it ends. You will see Nahualli on a hoverbike again. Nahualli will take you to the next part of the train. Climb the train again, from which the opponents will get out. Move along the train. Climb up the container. You will find yourself in a room with several servers that you need to destroy. After the server room, you will have to climb the train again.

Get to the right room, as a result of which you will be ambushed. You have to kill all the enemies. After that, leave the room. You will see a helicopter that can be destroyed with simple shots from any firearm. Shortly after the helicopter, you will find a tank. Sit at the helm. While in the tank, drive to the end of the train and fire the cannon. Continue to move along the train on the tank. At the last car, exit the tank and enter the train. Walk forward to find two enemies. After that, a cut scene will start.

art connoisseurs

Meet Nina at the specified location. Talk to her. After talking with Nina, get into her car. She wants you to find a total of three sculptures. Go to the first one. You need to tow the sculpture. Stand with the back of your car towards it so that you can grab the sculpture and tow it to the right place. Press the indicated key. Return the sculpture to your headquarters. Press the same key to disconnect the cable. Get to the second sculpture in Monte Vista.

Tow the sculpture using the same method: as the first time, deliver the sculpture to the church. But be careful, because you can not damage it too much, move carefully. Detach the sculpture. Get to the third, last sculpture. Tow it to the church, while watching the strength of the sculpture. Disconnect it and the task will be completed.

Who will be left behind?

Go to the church, and a cut scene will start at the entrance. After the video, follow the boathouse. In front of the boathouse, kill all the guards. Having done this, go inside. Inside the boathouse, move to the target marker and make your way to the storage. Inside the vault, approach the codex. The code is fake. There will also be a bomb on it, and you must defuse it. If you don't make it before the time runs out, you'll have to restart from the last checkpoint. After you defuse the bomb, you will need to escape from the vault. Wait a bit for the door to open.

Kill the enemies in the corridor. Get out of the boathouse and follow the target marker. Get out of the boathouse and get on the jet ski. On a jet ski, follow to the yacht. Shortly before the yacht, you need to make a jump. On the yacht, go up the first ladder and immediately after that, ignoring the enemies, turn left or right and go up the ladder. Move through the ship and go to the marker. After you pass through the yacht, turn left or right, go up the stairs and follow the marker.

Kill the guards near this Codex. Approach him and defuse the bomb. If time runs out, you will have to start over from the checkpoint. Take the bomb, turn around and follow the marker. Plant the bomb and go to the helipad. Community members will appear. Kill everyone. Eliminate the second commander. When you destroy both enemy waves, leave the yacht by moving to the boat. Ignore the enemies who will die automatically. On the way to the shore, kill all opponents.

No competition

Enter the church for a cutscene. After the cutscene, head to Marshall's headquarters. Go to the barricade. Kill all squad leaders in front of Marshall's headquarters. After that, enter the lobby and clear it of the following enemies. After killing opponents, a stronger enemy will appear. After eliminating it, enter the elevator and wait. Talk to the administrator up front.

Go to the stairs behind the reception desk and kill the enemies. Move up and eliminate all targets on the next ladder. After killing the enemies, go to the new stairs. Talk to Eli upstairs, next to the elevator. You need to find the key card for the elevator. Look for her in the first few booths. There will be several enemies that need to be killed. Move to other booths, as these will not have a key card. Clear the booths and continue looking for the map, killing the next enemies along the way. The keycard is on the floor, so pick it up and return to the elevator. Kill the opponents on the next floor. Having done this, go to the elevator. A shooter with a Gatling will appear. To kill him, you need to wait until the machine gun overheats and the vents open. Shoot them to damage the cannon. Kill other opponents and one last time move to the elevator.

Retirement Compensation

Move to the cache and take the flash drive. Drive to the loading area. Destroy vehicles by shooting them or exploding barrels. After destroying several vehicles, you must wait for the tank to arrive. Enter the tank within 30 seconds or you will have to restart the last checkpoint. Drive it to the mall. Destroy everything to deal as much damage as possible. Destroy the statue in front of the mall.

Move to the exhibition behind the mall. The tank will be disabled and you have to wait a bit for the hackers to fix it. Drive to the exhibition behind the mall. Destroy everything you can. After destroying several targets, Myra will contact you. Just wait until the end of the conversation, the cut-scene will start. During the video, you can make a choice that does not affect anything.

After party

When you find yourself at the church, a cut-scene will begin, after which you will receive an achievement. You will be in a dream. Follow the river to escape. At the end of it, climb a small hill and inspect the table. You will be transported to another dream sequence. Follow the marker to find your friends. Turn around after talking to Eli to find some llamas. To collect a llama, simply touch it.

The first four lamas are nearby. Climb up the crates next to the previous 4 llamas to find the fifth one. Behind the fifth is the sixth lama. Next to the sixth lama stands the last lama. After collecting all 7 llamas, go back and talk to Eli.

Next, you need to find Nina. Follow the marker. Nina wants you to find her baby elephant. He stands right behind Nina, on the box. The elephant will fall: check the bush next to the crate to find it. The baby elephant will jump out and you will need to touch it. Return to Nina to hand over the baby elephant.

Find Kevin, your latest friend. Follow the marker. The snails are near your current location. Interact with the bushes to find snails. To collect snails, touch them. After the second snail, snakes will appear, and the sky will turn red. This will complete the task.

Enter the barn in the center of the map. You will be taken to another dream sequence. Go to the marker to avoid the nightmare. Kill enemies. At the exit you will meet some of your friends: just talk to them and move on. Jump on the box and turn left to move on. After Nina, turn right to continue on. In the forest, go to the right and near the last friend you can find a way out. When you wake up, go to the marker to meet your friends. Enter the door to trigger a cutscene.

moment of truth

Go to your hideout and take a weapon. Get down. Here you can choose any weapon you want. After choosing your equipment, exit the shelter. There will be enemies to kill. Follow the marker to get to the right place. Drive to the bridge to trigger a cutscene. You will enter a new area and be able to kill all the enemies. Follow the marker until you reach the saloon. On the way to the saloon, kill the opponents. Enter the saloon and go up the stairs. Kill the guy from above. Take his weapon. Turn right and exit to the balcony. Kill everyone in a row until the cut scene starts.


Fly to the Nahualli hideout. It is recommended to switch to hover mode by pressing the corresponding key. This will make it easier to get rid of the protection. Having dealt with everyone, fly to the entrance to the casino. New enemies will appear. Kill them all. Land in front of the casino, exit the transport and go inside.

Make your way through the casino by following the marker. Turn right and go past the Jackpot sign. Move to the marker and go up the stairs. Go through the door to trigger a cutscene. It's time to kill Nahualli. He will run away from you after you deal some damage to him. keep chasing him, dealing damage. You are about to kill him, but he will be able to kick you and escape once again. Follow him. You will have to wait a few seconds until your friends come to the rescue.

Go through the door. Clear the room and enter the elevator. Grab the flare gun near the window and a helicopter with Nahualli will appear shortly after. Finally, you can get rid of it once and for all. Shoot the helicopter. Chase escaped Nahualli by moving to the next room. Shoot him again. A cut-scene will start, you don't need to press anything. After the task, you will earn another achievement.

Good cop / Bad cop

Meet Eli at your headquarters. Talk to him. Eli wants you to take control of the helicopter, so move towards the target marker. Get in the helicopter. Fly to the marker to find the chief's car. Pick it up using the magnet (press the indicated key). Hover over the car so the magnet can fix the car. We fly to the first factory. You will see several containers. Fly low over the containers so that the car crashes into each of them.

Now fly to the second factory located nearby. Fly low and let the car crash into the building. You need to fill the scale in the upper left side of the screen. It doesn't matter which part of the building you enter. Fly to the third, last factory. Move your mouse pointer over the flame until the bar at the top left of the screen fills up. Fly to the last location near you. Release the car to the marked area by pressing the indicated key.