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Walkthrough Thymesia - game guide

 Walkthrough of all story and side quests Thymesia

At the beginning of Thymesia, you will find yourself in the Hermes Fortress and will be able to learn the basic controls. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move around, and E to interact with objects. The ESC key allows you to open a large menu with several sections.

Pick up the first note. Walk forward and deal with the first enemy. You will learn that saber attacks inflict wounds on the enemy. If the enemy does not take damage for a long time, these wounds will heal, that is, all his health will be restored. On the other hand, if you continue and lower your health pool to the minimum, the target will be temporarily stunned. It will have a red mark on it. Get close and press LMB to finish off the enemy. The "Space" key is responsible for dodging.

Walkthrough Thymesia - game guide

Keep moving and deal with two more enemies. With the second one, you will learn the parry system. So, as soon as the enemy swings and is about to strike at you, press the F key to successfully parry it. At the moment, such an action will avoid any damage and at the same time cause damage to the enemy (wounds). Continue until the enemy is stunned and execute him. On the building to the right, around the corner, there is another note (“Administrative Order”). In addition, another note "Piece of Paper 01" is in the building on the corner, before the enemy you killed with a parry.

Go ahead, use the mouse wheel target lock, and when you kill both enemies, get the key to the area. Open the gate and learn how to use the claw. So, for starters, attack any opponent with a saber on LMB or use a parry. So you will inflict wounds on the enemy. After that, attack the enemy with a claw on the RMB to permanently reduce the health pool without the possibility of automatic healing (if you do not attack the enemy for a long time). Defeat the big man and two more opponents on the left, then pick up the Diary of a Nameless Soldier 01.

Move on and soon find a lantern. With it, as in any similar games, you can heal, restore energy, and stock potions, but most of the opponents will be resurrected. The remaining flashlight options are currently closed.

Go further and you will see a powerful opponent, and with him, you will learn about using a pen attack. You have a limited supply of feathers, but they regenerate over time. As soon as you see that the enemy is going to use a counterattack (a green line will appear), right before the strike, have time to click on the LMB to throw the pen. If you have it, you will confuse all the cards with the enemy and he will not be able to damage you. The alternative is a banal evasion. Use dodges and defeat the enemy. It is very handy to use the claw here, otherwise, the enemy will be healed over and over again. You will probably lose in this battle for the first time, but you should not worry: you have already activated the lantern nearby, so appear here and you can pick up all the fallen memory fragments (analogue of souls). After the victory, you will receive the key to the cemetery.

Go ahead, open the gate and go forward. Turn left and pick up the note "Diary of a villager". By the way, all these notes contain a consumable item called "Search for Memories". Activate it in your inventory to get Memory Shards (Souls). Go further, and when you find yourself on the steps, first go down. There will be one strong spearman and two ordinary opponents. Defeat everyone and pick up "Piece of Paper 02" with a memory. Return and run up the stairs. The boss Varg is waiting for you here, but it is impossible to defeat him. More precisely, not so. Even if you deal damage to Varg and completely deplete the health bar, the script will work, a cut-scene will start and the boss will dash at you. You will be taken to Philosopher's Hill.

Hill of the Philosopher

Talk to Aysemi, go forward and find the note "Royal Herald of Hermes" on the right. Go outside and find "Isemi's Diary" on the right. The more memories you collect, the more locations you can open up for exploration. Go forward and examine the ancient inscription on the gate (flashback). You cannot open the gate, so turn around, go back a little and turn left. There will be "Edward the Blessed's Records" by the aisle. That's all. Return to Aysemi and agree to dive into the memory.

sea ​​of ​​trees

To go to this location, talk to Aysemi or go outside and examine the map on the stand on the left side. Immediately light the lantern and use it to level up with Memory Shards. The game isn't overly complex in the sense that you only have three stats - strength (saber and wound damage), vitality (health), and plague (claw damage and energy).

For each new level up to the 25th, you will be able to open one talent. Experiment and choose what works best for your play style. There will be a grate on the left, but it cannot be opened from this side, so move along the bridge. Kill the enemy and destroy the wooden fence and wagon on the left. This will take you to a hidden area with an enemy and barrels. Shards of memories are hidden in the barrels. Thus, try to destroy all the wooden obstacles that you see. And use mouse wheel targeting to check if there are hidden enemies in front of you (in grass or barrel).

Cross the next bridge and kill the enemy. Read the note on the wall ahead (Twilight Circus Torn Announcement). Go from the note behind the wall to the right. Kill the enemy and start destroying the boards to get under the canopy with a note from the village elder 01. Go back a little and find a wooden staircase to the right of the bridge. Climb up and kill two opponents. Beware of the one with the shield. On the table to the right is a poster of the Twilight Circus. Go across the bridge to the right and kill the enemy. Jump off the edge onto the platform with the diary and shards. Jump down to return to the same place.

There is a torn announcement in the building next to the table, but if you studied it from below, then it will not give anything here. There is a wooden fence in the same building. Break it and you will see a bridge. It leads to the manuscript blessed with a tree (shards) and descent down to the very grate. Open it to create a shortcut to the start of the level.

Return and go across the bridge to the right. After killing a couple of enemies, go behind the wall on the left and break the barrels. There you will find Notes on Life in Hermes: The Sea of ​​Trees 01. Go behind the opposite wall. An enemy sits ahead, on the wall to the left hangs an announcement of the Twilight Circus. Remove it to get shards. In addition to the enemy sitting in front, there is another opponent in the room to the left. She will immediately attack you, so be careful.

Beware of the poisonous cloud. To disable it, use a dash and approach the large bag as soon as possible. You can select it with the mouse wheel to make it easier to navigate. Climb even higher up the stairs on the right and kill the enemy. There will be more fog. Kill two opponents and first destroy the fence on the left to reveal a hidden staircase. By doing this, you will be able to neutralize another cloud and find a note from the village elder 02. Soon, after climbing another ladder, you will find another lantern. There will be a grate next to it, which can only be opened with the tent key.

Lantern 2

Go to the arena nearby to meet a particularly strong enemy. This is something like mini-bosses or elite opponents from other soulslicks. After defeating him, you will receive an alchemical booster that will enhance the potions used. You can increase the effectiveness of the potion, and their number or add additional effects. Enemies like this won't spawn after resting at the lantern.

Also, as a result of the victory, you received a key with which you can open the grate near the lantern. So do it, go up to the market, kill the enemies and remove the market announcement hanging on the wall to the left. Go forward, deep into the market. Kill two enemies. One of them is hiding around the corner, so be careful. Pick up the note "Observations on Life in Hermes: Circus 01". Go back and turn right. After killing the enemy, inspect the door (which cannot be opened from this side) and climb up the two stairs. On the left, there is a wall that can be broken. It leads to a secret room in the market, but you need a special key. Look through the doorway nearby and jump down to the "Royal Guard's Note" memory box. Open the same door that was blocked from this side.

There is no key to the door, so climb up and go to the other side of the secret room. There will be fog ahead, but its source is on the level above. Around the corner on the left there is a staircase up, and next to it down. Lower the ladder down to create a shortcut. Having done this, go upstairs, collect items and kill enemies, and then destroy the source of the plague. Having done this, go down and kill a few more targets. In the right room with a large barrel where there was fog, there is an enemy. You can use the ladder located there, break the barrels and find dill - an ingredient to enhance potions.

Go further and defeat the powerful spearman. There is a staircase to the right, but it leads to a grate that cannot be opened from this side. Move on and kill the opponents. In the end, you will have to jump down, but I recommend doing this from the side from which you get to the platform with the white object. At the bottom, there will be a very dangerous enemy with a huge fist. Dodge in time and don't forget to craft a plague weapon on the lantern. You've probably collected enough shards by now. It will allow you to stun enemies. A plague weapon is installed on the same lantern, in the quick action slot (activated by pressing the "1" key).

Go into the building on the right and break the barrels to find the Village Elder's Manuscript 03. Go back as there will be a dead end ahead. Go the only possible way until you unlock the third lantern.

Lantern 3

There will be an elevator ahead, to the right of it is a grate that was locked from this side. Open it to create a shortcut. Don't use the elevator yet. Instead, return to the lantern. There are barrels to the left and right of the doorway through which you came here. Break the barrels on the right and pick up the item. Break the barrels on the left and go up. You will find a note with a memory and a passage under the circus dome with an elite enemy. Don't miss the opportunity: defeat the enemy to get an alchemy booster. This opponent also has fragments of flying daggers. This is a very effective weapon that allows you to kill enemies from a safe distance.

When you're ready, use the elevator to go upstairs. Use another one and soon you will face the first boss of the game, Odur. We tell you more about how to kill all the main and additional bosses in a separate guide. After the victory, you will receive shards, the heart of Odur, an alchemy amplifier, and other rewards. Talk to Aysemi and say that's all you remember. As a result, the chapter will be completed. You can refuse and linger to explore the region.

Aysemi will also give you a lingering potion. It restores more health points but does not do it right away. Show Aysemi Odur's Bad Heart to get a memory. She will also say that you need to return to the Sea of ​​Trees and try to find out more information.

The Sea of ​​Trees - Bonus 1

Use Icemi or the map to return to the Sea of ​​Trees for an optional quest. As soon as the level starts, activate the lantern. Optionally, you can go into the tent on the left to kill ordinary enemies and an elite enemy throwing darts. As a reward, you will receive an alchemical booster. By the way, there are barrels at the exit from the tent where the elite opponent stood. Break them and find Odur's notes on researching bad blood.

Climb down and destroy the first cyst (a ball emitting poisonous gas). Be careful with the spearman! Continue below. Lure the enemy out of the cloud first, then speed up and dash towards the cyst to destroy it. Go through the grate and go down. Pick up the note of the nameless hopeless 04. Activate the second lantern.

Lantern 2

Move on, neutralize the enemies and the third cyst. On the right in the building, there will be a note with a memory. Behind the wall on the left, break the barrels and find a carnation. Go down below. Destroy the fourth cyst on the right, but it's best to lure out the opponents first. On the table on the left is a note from the hopeless 05. Follow the bridge, kill the enemy and pick up the item. Drop down to the right, but be prepared to be attacked by a powerful enemy with a shield. There is also the manuscript of the prophet of the hopeless.

There will be a fork below. First, go over the bridge on the right and destroy the cyst. Kill the enemies, enter the building and go up the stairs to find a dead-end room with a memory. Go back and go over another bridge. You have to kill the enemy with a huge hammer. But first, it is best to destroy the last cyst. Isemi will appear immediately. After talking to her, you can complete the task.

The Sea of ​​Trees - Extra Mission 2

Another task that will be available after the first passage of the Sea of ​​Trees location and defeating Odur. You need to collect all of Odur's notes. Activate the flashlight immediately. First, go behind the wall and go down. Go past the poisonous clouds to the right side and kill all the enemies. Go left and go upstairs, to the elevator, with which you got to Odur. The elevator is out of order, but an elite enemy has appeared here. After defeating him, you will receive an alchemical booster.

To the right of the elevator will be a closed grate. More to the right is the passage. Follow there and kill the spearman. Pick up the builder's note. Walk up to the other side, turn left and drop down to the cyst and the poison cloud with the item. Destroy the cyst and all enemies, and take the item. Jump even lower to get back to where you couldn't get through because of the poison. After killing everyone, pick up another note with fragments. Return to the top and go the opposite way in relation to how you went here when you first visited the location. On the left there will be a descent to the grate. Open it to create a shortcut.

Follow on and soon you will find yourself in the upper market, where you will have to fight an elite opponent with two twin swords. Kill the others first. After defeating him, you will receive an alchemy booster and a key to the Sea of ​​Trees Market. Go down even lower, kill a bunch of enemies and activate the second lantern.

Lantern 2

To the left of it there is a grate. You will open it with a key knocked out of an elite enemy. You couldn't get in the first time, but don't confuse the grate by the lantern with the secret door above. In this mission, she is inactive.

Go the only way and kill the elite enemy with two long blades. These are Cathars. After the victory, you will receive an alchemical booster and shards. After defeating the enemy, move on. There will be another enemy around the corner. Deal with him and enter the building. Climb up the stairs. There will be stairs at the top. Climb up to find a note - experiment report 02. Go downstairs. If you open the grate, then through the courtyard you can return to the first lantern. You have now created the desired shortcut.

Return and go upstairs. Look for a cloud of poison. Accelerate and jerk up one tier and move forward. There will be a safe zone behind the wall, but with two spearmen. After killing them, you can pick up Odur's notes on the progress of construction. This is the very plot item you came here for. You can climb even higher using the safe islands and destroy the cyst. There is also a door nearby through which you can go down and find another note. Talk to Aysemi to return to the Philosopher's Hill.

After returning to the hill, exit the gate and find the report on the experiments with transformation 01 (behind the wall) on the left.

Sea of ​​Trees - God of Fools

This task will become available immediately after you complete the two previous side quests in the Sea of ​​Trees location. You have to fight the God of fools. In fact, you have to run away from him. Activate the lantern and jump down to find the monster. Run to the left and destroy the huge cyst behind the fence. Move on and turn left to meet the regular enemies. Stay here and finish everyone off. When the God of Fools spit poison and it dissipates, run further to the left side and turn left. Dash to a safe corner where there is no poison. Kill all aggroed enemies, then dash towards the large cyst and destroy it. Finish off the remaining objectives and go up the stairs.

Continue in the same way, destroying the cysts. Be sure to turn deep into the location so that the God of Fools cannot touch you with his huge paws. Lure enemies there as well. Turning to the right, at some point you will come across a circus performer throwing daggers. This is a dangerous opponent, but I recommend defeating her in order to get an alchemical amplifier. Then you can return to the inner path again by breaking the boards, or climb up the stairs and destroy another cyst. Run on top without being distracted by anything. There will be a red dot at the end of the path. Interact with her to inflict a crushing defeat on the God of Fools.

Sea of ​​Trees - Mutated Odur

This is the last level associated with the Sea of ​​Trees. First, activate the nearest lantern. After that, take the elevator up to face the Mutated Odur. This time he will be much stronger. After the victory, return to the Hill of the Philosopher.

royal garden

This is the second story level of the game. As always, at the very beginning, activate the first lantern. Climb down and kill the enemies. Stronger versions of the plagues with red crystals will appear. Also on the stairs on the right, you will see the first archer, and on its top - another enemy and a note. Climb down and go through the opening on the left.

There will be a fork here. The paths left and right basically lead to the same place with only one difference: the path to the left will lead you to a dead end with a closed grate, and the path to the right will take you through a longer route, along which you will open the same grate and explore the right side of the location. Therefore, we turn down and go down under the arch inside the rock. Kill all opponents and look around. You can climb the steps and see the archer above. Follow underneath and up. Deal with the archer. One grate leads to a dead-end part of the garden with enemies and loot, and the other leads to a separate wing, where you could get if you had chosen a different direction at the fork. But, in fact, this wing is a dead end. There will be one Elite that drops an Alchemy Booster, and what appears to be one Memory. The enemy walks on a long bridge,

To continue deep into the location, return to where you found the archer and go down the stairs to the very bottom. Turn left immediately. Follow this route, killing a lot of opponents. Go through the wooden building. On the right, there will be a flying enemy in a raincoat, and next to it is a note "Record of an experienced scientist 1". It will drop an alchemical booster. Continue along the only route, kill a few more enemies and find a lantern on the right hand. Activate it.

Lantern 2

Go further from the lantern and turn left to kill another elite claw enemy. Pick up Folk Potions Research Report 01, a little further on there will be another elite enemy with Cathars. If you kill him, you will receive an alchemy booster, and you can also pick up a blue mint item. If that's not enough for you, return to the fork at the lantern and go forward (the lantern will remain on the right) to meet the third mini-boss with a spear. You will receive the third alchemy amplifier and, as you understand, you will be able to improve your potions. There is a note on the shelves to the left.

Go deep into the location, kill the enemies and turn right. Another note is hidden in a barrel near the enemy. Go further between the shelves. On the shelf to the right is Alchemist's Note 01. Continue through the blood-flooded library and pick up the note on another shelf. When you reach a wider area, run forward towards a huge bloody enemy. It is he who calls on smaller creatures. Once you defeat him, all creatures will disappear, and you will receive an alchemy booster, whip shards, and other items. There will be a white object nearby, and on the shelf on the left is a note from alchemist 03.

Turn around and go in the opposite direction. You came on the right path, but there are two more on the left. Walk along the middle one and go up the ramp on the right to meet the Emerald. He, like Aysemi, can tell you more about the reports found and the hearts of the bosses received. This is important information that will allow you to reach different endings. Remember the location of the Emerald. It could also be found in the Sea of ​​Trees market in the secret room, but for this, you need to find the key to it.

Climb up another ramp and pick up the item. Kill enemies. The path to the left leads back to where you came from, so head right past the elevator. Activate the third lantern.

Lantern 3

Not far from the lantern, you will find a battle with the Hanged Queen, another main boss. For the victory, you will receive a forgotten feather and the heart of the Hanged Queen. We talk more about bosses in a separate guide. Upon returning to the Hill of the Philosopher, you will also receive a fast-acting potion.

Royal Garden - Bonus 1

At the very beginning, you need to activate the first lantern. It makes no sense to go back because there will be an empty arena where you fought with the Hanged Queen. Move through the library, killing enemies. Be sure to turn left and in the place where the Emerald was, find the alchemist's complaint. Go in the opposite direction, to a wide area where a bloody enemy was killed on the first visit. Now there will be soldiers and a flying elite enemy. First, lure out the normal enemies one at a time, then defeat the elite one to get the key to the second floor of the greenhouse. Collect other items.

Continue moving in the opposite direction, along the right shelves. Kill enemies and collect different items. When you exit the flooded library, you will find a lantern on the right side.

Lantern 2

Move on and kill some enemies. Soon you will find an elite opponent with two daggers. After defeating him, you will receive an alchemical booster. There is an elevator on the left side, but you need a special key for it. Behind the elevator, look for an enemy and a note. Move on. On the left side, there will be a grate, which you will open with the key received from that very elite enemy in the library flooded with blood. Optionally, you can walk past to defeat another elite enemy with a two-handed sword.

Behind the bars, go upstairs and kill the elite flying enemy. There is a note on the shelf to the right. Keep running forward, dealing with opponents. An enemy with a shield and a sword will drop the key to the library elevator, and the key to the greenhouse elevator will lie on the table. The greenhouse elevator is on the left and is guarded by an archer. After killing him, go down. It's just a shortcut.

Run back to the library, to the very beginning where you came from. Not far from the first lantern, in the flooded corridor between the shelves, there will be an elevator. Climb up on it, move along the shelves and kill opponents. There will be one elite enemy among them. At the end of the path, jump down and find the same flying enemy with claws. The key you need will fall out of it. After killing everyone and collecting notes, find the steps going down. On the left, there will be a ladder on the bookshelves. Climb up and jump down into the library. Run outside the library to the second lantern and open the grate on the left to find Hermes' report. This is a plot item that is needed for the assignment. Aysemi will immediately appear nearby.

underground laboratory

You can get here after completing the previous side quest in the Royal Garden. Activate the first lantern, and follow deep into the cave, killing enemies. You can turn up the steps on the left to find additional opponents and an experiment report. Drop down and climb up to the opposite wall to kill the archer and find the second report. The path to the right at the next fork leads to an elite opponent with a halberd. It is not necessary to kill him. Walk to the left and finish off the other enemies. Soon you will find the second lantern.

Lantern 2

Move through the flooded tunnels, killing opponents, until you get to the bloody monster that summons the rest of the minions. After defeating him, turn right and look for a letter written in blood 02. And when you defeat the opponent with a two-handed sword (elite), first go to the top left to find a spearman and a note. Then go back and go downstairs. Activate the third lantern and jump down to fight Void Echo. 

After returning to the Hill of the Philosopher, when you kill the Echo of the Abyss, a note will appear to the left of the locked gate and the bench "Hermes' Answer: Notes of Scientist 01". This is a story note. Show her Aysemi and the Emerald.

Underground Lab - Bonus 01

Now we need to find a way to return to the Royal Garden. Activate the first lantern. Go forward and kill the first enemy group. At the red crystals on the left, find the bloody letter 02. Go ahead and defeat the opponent with a two-handed sword. By the way, this is a very powerful plague weapon, which I highly recommend pumping. Go forward and pick up the report, only after that go back to where you fought with the two-handed one and turn left. Follow on, destroying opponents. There will be a memory in the branch on the left.

Climb up the stairs and turn right for the memory. Then go to the other side and activate the second lantern. Kill the enemies ahead and move forward. Soon you will find the second archer. Run up the stairs and to the left to get to him first. The report will also be there. The task will end after you find a bloody enemy in the depths of the cave that summons small minions. Kill him and move on to meet Aysemi.

Fortress of Hermes

Activate the flashlight and run forward. Kill two enemies and climb up the stairs. Go up the stairs, kill the enemies and find the stairs on the right. Climb up to find the note. Jump down and follow the direction of the archer. Kill all enemies. The archer cannot be reached from here, although a bow or throwing knives can be used. Do not enter the building, but jump down from the ledge on the left side.

Run to the end and break the crate to find the note. Run to the other end and jump down. After killing the enemies, find the stairs and climb up. Search all floors to find a dead end with a sewer and a note. Go back and jump down where the archer is standing. Activate the second lantern.

Lantern 2

Climb up the nearby stairs and kill one splinter and one spearman. Go to the far room, ignoring the archers from above. In the same corridor where the archer and spearman were, there are barrels and a wagon on the right hand. Break them to reveal a hidden passage with a spearman and a ladder. Go up. If you jump to the right, you will find yourself inside the building from the beginning of the game, where the first archer was standing. The archer will be at the top, you will be at the bottom, at the grate, for which you need the key to the watchtower. Therefore, do not jump down, instead run up the slope. Turn left and find the note. Also, look for a ladder that can be lowered down. You will create a shortcut. Climb to the top of this tower to look for an enemy with a two-hander. After defeating him, you will receive an alchemical booster, shards, and a watchtower key.

Now you can go down and open the grate of the watchtower. The path to the left leads to a gate that cannot be opened from this side. So go ahead and climb up the stairs. Move on top and look for a note. Climb up the hill on the side and start jumping lower and lower until you encounter enemies. Do not go outside, but follow through the fortress. After killing the enemies, open those same gates. The gate on the right opens with a special key from the passage to the cathedral. There is also a staircase nearby. Climb up, kill the enemy and head up another long ladder. There you will find the Emerald. Show everything that was shown to Aysemi. If you go the other way and start jumping down, you will find the third lantern.

Lantern 3

Go out into the passage opposite the lantern and look to the left for a huge gate and a note on the wall. Here, look for an elite opponent with two daggers. When you defeat him, get the key to the passage to the cathedral. Opposite the gate, where there was a note, look for a wagon and barrels. Break and rise above. Climb even higher on another ladder. There is a memory in the room on the right. After picking up, jump down opposite the stairs. Jump even lower and climb the stairs in the open area (not where the third lantern is). Climb up and jump down a couple of stairs to find the same corridor that will lead you to the gate that opens with the key to the passage to the cathedral. To do this, go to the beginning of the level, through the grate, which was opened with the key to the watchtower. At the crossroads, turn left and you will see the gate that was opened from the other side. And behind them, on the left, will be the gate you need. As it turned out, these gates lead to the same place where you found the key to them.

So, stand at the two gates that have already been opened. Go from them to the other side and turn right into a large conferred corridor. There will be a blue object ahead. So you go outside, outside the fortress.

Climb up the steps and kill the enemies. After the second set of steps, there will be more on the right side leading to an enemy and a white object. Soon you will find the fourth lantern. There is a note on the other side of it. Then enter the cathedral and fight with Varg, who was defeated at the beginning of the game. 

Take your time to agree with Isemi and go to the last memory. Tell her that you haven't learned everything yet.

Fortress of Hermes - side mission 1

You will find yourself in the place where you fought with Varg. Activate the nearest lantern. You need to defeat Urd. Go around the building and optionally go inside through the door on the left (it is locked in the original mission). There will be several spearmen inside, but one of them is an elite one. Be careful with him. For the victory, get an alchemical booster. At the very end, at the other door, there is a note "Observation about life in Hermes: fortress 02" lying around.

Now go outside and run down the stairs, killing the enemies. So you will return to the same fortress. Clear the first corridors and exit through the passage on the right to find the second lantern. In the same courtyard, defeat an elite warrior with a two-handed sword to get an amplifier and a key to the residential area. Next to the same gate, there is an announcement on the wall for the inhabitants of Hermes. There is also a white object lying around (memory). Turn around and break the barrels to go up the stairs. Climb up and find a room with a white item in a barrel and a green memory.

Go back past the second lantern and to the right. Turn right again on the steps and near the grate, find stories about folk potions 03. The grate cannot be opened. Go back to where you fought with the two-hander, and look for a wooden handle with a chain on the right at the gate. Interact with her to raise the gate.

You will find yourself on the streets that you visited at the very beginning of the game, in the tutorial. Fight enemies and move forward. Enter the house on the right to find the third lantern. Exit through the other door and clear the yard. There will be a big guy with a big fist. From it you will receive only an amplifier. Go left through the courtyard and go into the next building on the left to find a serene villager's diary.

Go further to the left side of the courtyard and you will find yourself at the usual stone fountain. Be sure to open the gate on the left to create a shortcut to the lantern. Move on, destroy the elite opponent with the cathars and get a booster. Open the gate on the left. Climbing the stairs, look for a note on the left side. Keep moving and activate the fourth lantern. Climb up the steps and fight Urd. 

Fortress of Hermes - side mission 2

Go to the second side mission and activate the lantern. Turn around and go through the doorway in the left corner. All other passages/stairs in the yard are closed. You will find two bars that open from the other side. Go down the only corridor, kill a couple of opponents and go up to the archer at the top.

First, go to the enemies on the left. There will be a powerful archer and spearman. After defeating them, go up the stairs, after taking the white object. Follow to the right and even higher on another wooden staircase. There will be an elite spearman here, from which you can knock out an alchemical booster. He stood at the edge. Approach there and jump down to be on the ledge with the record of official 02.

Go back down the stairs, and this time on the other side, look for a ladder that goes even lower. Head down there, then jump down into the main room. After killing the enemies, unlock the grate to create a shortcut. Go to the long corridor and kill the enemy with two daggers. The grate on the left is opened by the key to the square. Therefore, move forward and jump down at the end of the corridor (the grate on the right opens from the other side).

There will be several enemies at the end of the corridor. One of them will have the key to the square. Finish them off and go up the stairs in the niche on the left. Open another grate. On the right, there will be a staircase that leads further. But first, run to the left and find another grate. By opening it, you will create a short path to the lantern.

Climb up the stairs and run forward. Don't jump to the right. Climb to the top of the tower to find an additional note. Now go back down and jump to the left in front of the second ladder. Go out into the courtyard and go to its end to find a ladder that you can go down (in the place where there is an archer on top and two spearmen on the bottom). You need to go down the stairs on the right side. Defeat the knight with a two-handed sword, collect all the items, and leave the location, as Aysemi will appear nearby.

Ocean of Memories

This is the last game location. Activate the lantern and go forward to meet Corvus. This is the final boss of the game and it acts just like you. We talk more about boss battles in a separate guide. After defeating Corvus, you will be able to select two hearts collected from bosses. Which of the five endings you get depends on your choice.