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What are the common trees in Stardew Valley

 Common trees in Stardew Valley do not produce fruit but can provide other resources such as wood and sap. Within this type, there are three kinds of trees, from which you will also obtain resin. Consequently, they are useful in construction and tools. Next, we will tell you what the common trees are and some of their characteristics.

Pine tree

This tree begins its growth in a small pineapple and is placed next to a resin in order to take advantage of its benefits. In a period of 6 days, you can obtain products such as Maple Syrup or Pine Pitch. However, it is also possible in a shorter period of time, achieved through a heavy tap.


It is up to the maple tree to grow by means of one of these same seeds. Like the previous one, the maple tree is placed next to a resin pot to accumulate maple syrup. When the autumn season arrives, an eventuality occurs, and that is that a couple of hazelnuts could fall from this tree.

What are the common trees in Stardew Valley


You can obtain the seed of this tree by cutting it down, in order to extract an Acorn. In a period of 7 days and with the help of a Resinera, it will produce oak resin. It also decreases production time with a heavy tap.

Finally, remember to choose a good space to plant them, since they do not usually grow near stumps. When it's time to chop down a common tree, just hit it until it falls to one side.

Remember that this type of cultivation is very different from plants such as flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Therefore care may vary slightly.