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What are Geodes for in Stardew Valley

 Geodes are one of the most unique and useful types of minerals found in Stardew Valley. Within them are different artifacts, resources, and various types of minerals, but in order to access the content, you must go to the Blacksmith. These are located in the Mines, some of them can be obtained in the Winter Star Festival and even appear in Treasure Chests or by defeating monsters.

Uses of Geodes according to each type

There are only four different examples and they can be normal geodes, Ice, Magma, and Omnigeodes. Within the Standard Geode, you can come across resources such as Iron Ore, Clay, or even artifacts such as the Dwarf Helm. It can also be sold for 50g and contains common items such as Granite or, some more complex and rare items such as Thunder Egg, Petrified Slime, or the foraging type, Earth Crystal.

The content of the Ice Geode includes some items such as the Ancient Drum and even the Gold Ore; it is required to complete the Field Study bundle and is priced at 100g. On the other hand, the Magma one is worth 150g and gives items like the Dwarven Gadget and the Iridium Ore; keep in mind that the previous ones are not liked by many villagers.

What are Geodes for in Stardew Valley

Finally, the Omnigeode is the most valuable of all and in it you will find all kinds of minerals and resources, being the Prismatic Shard, the most valuable of all its objects. They are interchangeable with the Desert Trader and are loved by Clint and the Dwarf, as well as being used for crafting the Omnishirt and in Fish Pond missions.