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What are the seeds from the Stardew Valley farm for?

 In Stardew Valley, seeds are essential to the growth of the farm. When planted, these become crops, which you can collect and offer multiple benefits to players. When harvested, they can be sold or used in food dishes, transformed into craft products such as jams or pickles, and can also be used to complete some batches and complete missions.

Best Seeds

Seeds are purchased at the Egg Festival or the Seeder, they can be purchased at the Oasis, the Traveling Cart, Pierre's Local Shop, and JojaMerch. They are classified depending on the type of season in which they are sown, and therefore players must have knowledge of which are the best seeds and when to plant them.

In the Spring Crops, the cauliflower seed is the most outstanding, since when cultivated it can be used to prepare the cauliflower au gratin dish. You can also use it to complete the Spring Crops bundle and for Jodi's Request quest.

Carambola is the most prized seed of the Summer Crops. After being harvested, it has a gold value that ranges from 750 to 1125g, depending on its quality. In addition, with this, the mission "star of a soldier" is fulfilled.

What are the seeds from the Stardew Valley farm for?

Among the Autumn crops are the pumpkin seed due to its large size and also the grape crop, which when harvested can be used to obtain summer seeds and complete the summer harvest batch. Finally, in the special crops, there is the gem berry seed, which is considered the most valuable of all because it produces a profit of 3,000 at 4,500 gold.