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What are Totems in Stardew Valley

 In order to have a pleasant gaming experience in Stardew Valley, the popular RPG game, it is necessary for the player to have the ability to teleport across the map, this is achieved by using special travel totems that can take the character to different locations. valley locations. These can be obtained after increasing the Gathering level and thus be able to craft, earn or buy them.

The essential Totems of the valley and their recipes

To reach different zones, consumable travel totems are used that can teleport the player within the map. Each one is unlocked as the level increases, the first to be granted is the Beach one, it requires gathering at level 6 and is made with hardwood, coral, and vegetable fiber.

From level 7 you get the Mountain totem, this requires noble wood, iron ingot, and stone. Already for level 8, you get the one corresponding to the Farm with wood, honey, and vegetable fiber; while in the next level, you get the special Rain totem.

What are Totems in Stardew Valley

However, in the latest updates, the Ginger Island and Desert teleportation totems were added. The first one requires Hardwood, Ginger, and Dragon's Tooth, while the second requires Iridium Ingot, Hardwood, Coconut, and Iridium Ore; In both cases, you must buy the recipe in the Shop, likewise, using them on the sewing machine reel gives you the Totem Mask.

Likewise, the warp totem consumable was added, this requires leveling up the Foraging Skill and allows instant transport to different parts of the map.