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What does the mining skill offer in Stardew Valley

 The Stardew Valley Title is based primarily on controlling an orchard from day to day, season to season, generally year to year. During each stage we will relate better with the people of the town that surrounds us and in turn we will improve our crops in addition to improving our skills. Today we will talk about the mining skill in Stardew Valley.

What is the mining skill?

In Stardew Valley we only have 5 skills which are: Agriculture, Mining, Gathering, Fishing, and Combat. In general terms, it is not necessary to fully develop all of them, the game as such does not require anything from you, but in case you want to make the most of it, it is best that you know what each one consists of.

Mining is to help us increase our efficiency with the pickaxe. Every time we level up we will unlock creations that will be directly related to mining, in order to increase our mining skills, we will have to do activities related to mining.

One of the most important things for which we will have to improve our mining skills is that with it we will be able to break stones with the pickaxe without getting so tired when doing that, also with them you will be able to discover new areas.

What does the mining skill offer in Stardew Valley

By getting to know or entering new areas you can begin to discover the mysteries that the farms near your farm hide, which is why most people who play Stardew Valley recommend improving this skill.

As we mentioned before the mining skill is improved by using the pickaxe, each time we use it we increase +1 with the efficiency of the pickaxe.

Finely and for you to have a better performance in this game we recommend that you have an excellent relationship with the villagers and the different friends of the town since this will help you to earn points.