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What is the function of the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley

 There is a varied amount of minerals with which players can melt and build useful objects, such as the Furnace or the Slime Incubator, and that is that Mining in Stardew Valley gives access to different materials with which you can make recipes and improve the tools. Also because they can be sold, it is one of the ways to get money in the video game.

Blacksmith Functions

The blacksmith of Pelican Town is Clint, he is found across the river from the town in the Smithy, a store that he directs and dedicates to the sale and purchase of minerals. He is in charge of improving the tools and opening, but not buying Geodes, which contain Gems, Ores, and resources such as Clay or Coal.

Clint can make up to 4 upgrades to the Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Trash Cans, and Watering Can; It should be noted that these updates take two days to complete, so it cannot be used during that time.

What is the function of the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley

This is very important since some tools such as the Golden Pickaxe allow you to break even meteorites and also, the maximum area is increased when the Watering Can and Hoe are upgraded. On the other hand, when upgrading Trash Cans you get a percentage of the value of the discarded item, the lowest being 15% for the Copper Trash Can, while Iridium gets up to 60%.

On the days of the Jellyfish Dance Festival, Midsummer Lunar Day, and Ghost Eve in the fall, the tools will be ready the next day. Lastly, players can also develop this skill by breaking stones and gaining experience in different areas of the game.