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What stables can be crafted in Stardew Valley

 Stardew Valley offers an enriching experience of country life where the player can have tasks ranging from farming to social interaction. Also, animals have an important role in the valley, if you want to enjoy the adventure through the care and feeding of cows, goats, pigs, and sheep; You must first build a stable to serve as their home.

Livestock is included in the Agriculture skill and allows you to obtain a wide variety of resources, animals that are not pets or wild, need buildings such as the Stables to be able to rest and be protected from wild animals; they can be obtained from Robin's Woodworks and take around three days to build.

Improvements and tips

There are improvements available for this type of construction, these will allow you to save a greater number of animals of different types. The first Stable is purchased for 6,000 coins, it is made of wood (350) and stone (150), it also has the capacity for four cows and has a hay hopper and a feeder.

For 12,000 coins, wood (450), and stone (200); a Large Stable is built which makes pregnancy possible and adds the option to keep goats. Lastly, the Luxury Stable requires 25,000 coins, wood (550), and stone (300); this adds the possibility of having pigs and sheep, as well as a self-feeding system.

What stables can be crafted in Stardew Valley

This last improvement is the most recommended, it has the capacity to house 12 animals and also allows the raising of pigs. These animals contribute money thanks to the collection of Truffles that can be sold, likewise, a pig has a high value that varies according to the level of friendship.

Finally, remember that in Stardew Valley, friends and villagers play a very important role. So he tries to maintain a good relationship with them.