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What to do on the first day in Stardew Valley

 The title of Stardew Valley is an interesting adaptation of what life would be like in terms of responsibilities or meeting a daily goal to generate income, or better yet, learning how to manage a farm, with a very attractive and user-friendly interface. users of all ages and genders. This game looks to be very entertaining and lively. Perhaps its greatest weakness is because it is a paid character game.

Tips on what to do on the first day in Stardew Valley

It is a somewhat complex game at first, especially due to the large number of tasks that you can perform daily, so we recommend that you organize yourself and try to implement a routine of tasks so that in this way you can advance little by little without setbacks.

Watch TV daily, there you can see new tricks or tips, as well as cooking recipes. First build a Silo (barn) to be a storage place for your resources, for example, if you cut the grass around you, it will turn into hay and be stored there and it will be food for your animals so you don't have to buy for they.

What to do on the first day in Stardew Valley

Plan your harvests so that they are ready before the end of each season or they will wither. It is not too much to have a scarecrow to keep the crows away. Don't let the energy bar reach zero, always have food nearby and you will avoid ending up exhausted and needing medical help.

Always save your games or you will lose progress and the only way is to put your character to sleep. If you stay up late the character loses half of his energy and will pass out. Check trash bins carefully for valuables.