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What TV channels offer in Stardew Valley

 Stardew Valley is an amazing title, where you will find yourself on a farm with all the comforts and although you will have to fight during the game to get or buy some things, others are provided by the game from the beginning. For example, a television that will be fundamental in your personal growth, but this one at the beginning is simple, although functional. Next, we tell you what the television channels in Stardew Valley offer.

TV Channels in Stardew Valley

The content offered by these television channels is very intuitive but above all informative. With them, you can instruct and inform yourself of certain useful things to be able to emerge on your farm. The content offered by these channels is exclusive and you can use it to your advantage.

live off the land

This channel is special to instruct you and advise you on how to live on earth. His advice includes harvesting, agriculture, and how to live in the town; this way it will be easier for you to socialize with friends and villagers.

The queen of sauce

Just like in real life, you can't miss a cooking channel, and even more so when some foods give you energy. Here you will learn to prepare exquisite recipes that will favor you in your day-to-day.

What TV channels offer in Stardew Valley

the fortune teller

If you want to get ahead of yourself a little and know your luck, this one is perfect, since it guesses your luck the next day. This way you will know what awaits you and how to face things.


This channel will inform you of the weather forecast for the next day. Of course, this is very useful, especially for your crops, since this way you will know when to water them, but keep in mind that if you use the rain totem the weather forecast will be updated automatically.