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Where to find minerals in Stardew Valley

 With the minerals of Stardew Valley, you can get achievements, rewards, or some coins when they are donated to the museum or you choose to sell them. They can be found on the ground or by extracting it from rocks, from the Mines, the Skull Cavern, and the Quarry; they also appear in Treasure Chests and are even obtained through Geodes, which are opened in the Blacksmith. Today we will talk about the places where minerals are found in Stardew Valley.

The best of each kind

These are divided into four groups, among the best in the case of normal Minerals, Neptunite, Helvite, Fire Opal, and Star Shard, they stand out for their high sale price and are found inside a Magma Geode or Omnigeodes.

Others are the Foraging Minerals where the Frozen Tear and the Earth Crystal are. These minerals are used to make rings and can appear after defeating the Dust Goblin or a Digger. Among them is also the normal and Fire Quartz, they are melted to get Refined Quartz.

All of these are located on different floors of the Mines, Treasure Chests, Batting, or within the types of Geodes; they also serve to complete the Geologist Bundle.

Where to find minerals in Stardew Valley

In the Gems, the Prismatic Shard is the most precious because with it the galactic weapons are obtained and it is one of the best gifts. It is obtained by defeating different monsters or inside Iridium Stones, Mystic Stones, Omnigeode, and Treasure Chests.

Finally the Geodes, they can be normal, of Magma, Ice and Omnigeodes, they are found in The Mines, the Skull Cavern, the Oasis or when defeating the Krobus. It is worth mentioning the QI Gems, which are awarded in the Nut Room after completing missions from Mr. QI.