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WoW Auction House Changes and Various Bugs Spotted

 With patch 9.2.7, players were pleased to discover changes to the WoW Auction House, but also encountered many bugs.

The various World of Warcraft patches allows players to regularly discover new features. And with 9.2.7, one of WoW's institutions has been modified: the Auction House.

But players were unable to directly access the Auction House due to bugs related to the update.

What's New for the WoW Auction House

Now, goods (i.e. herbs, flasks, enchantments, and consumables) are no longer limited to one server but to all servers in a region. For players of big servers like Hyjal or Ysondre, finding cheap components is not very difficult. But for those on small servers, items are often rarer and therefore more expensive!

On the other hand, some players used to "play" with the Auction House to earn gold, in particular by buying and then reselling to make large profits. With the new patch, this kind of technique should be much less profitable than before. 

Case to follow, but this change should deeply mark the players. Whether you are a fan of old content, a big farmer, or a stiff, the price of the different items may fluctuate for everyone.

HDV consumables are now shared across all servers in a region.

Bugs and inability to access WoW HDV

With this change in size for the Auction House, players soon encountered several problems and bugs (difficulty of access, objects not appearing). Blizzard therefore simply blocked access to HDV while they put everything back in place.

Players were unable to access HDV for almost 3 days.

The worries seem to be resolved since last night, Blizzard announced that it was gradually redeploying the Auction House for all players. You can now take advantage of new in-game features and lower prices!