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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sydow is looking for teachers: Answers for Taion's quiz - Game Guide

 In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, if you liberate Colony Gamma and recruit Sydow, you will receive the side mission "Sydow Seeks Teachers" from him. Part of this quest is the "Education: General Knowledge" mission. You have to take a quiz and answer various questions. You can find the answers to all questions in our guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sydow is looking for teachers: Answers for Taion's quiz - Game Guide

Sydow is looking for teachers: accept teaching positions

In order to complete the side mission "Sydow is looking for teachers," you must teach six teams of recruits. However, no objective markers are shown on the map, so you may not know exactly what to do.

You can accept the teaching assignments by examining the information board in Gamma Colony. She is at the gathering point and is symbolized on the map with a magnifying glass. There you will find information about the teaching assignments. You then have to discuss the information at a rest point in order to get the corresponding side missions.

"Sydow Wants Teachers" is a longer quest line. You cannot complete all of the subtasks at once, but you will receive the six side missions one by one. They are all not really difficult. The side quest that literally raises the most question marks is Education: General Knowledge.

Taion's Quiz: Answers for the first round

"Education: General Knowledge" is one of the two teaching assignments that you must complete first. You compete in two rounds and have to answer questions correctly. However, if you lose the quiz, you will also complete the side mission (the reward remains the same). In the first round you will be asked 5 of the following 8 questions:

  • Which of these points is not an advantage of knocking out the opponent?
    • SOLUTION: HP of the whole group is healed.
  • What do you call a class-specific technique?
    • SOLUTION: Special technique
  • Who is responsible for attracting the opponent's attention?
    • SOLUTION: The defender.
  • What do you call the condition of some opponents when their power points drop too low?
    • SOLUTION: Wrath Aura.
  • What does an attacker do who has drawn the anger of the enemy?
    • SOLUTION: Retreat, wait for the defender's help.
  • Which of these combo directions is wrong?
    • SOLUTION: Waver → Knock Down → Pass Out → Charm.
  • Which attacks affect the opponent?
    • SOLUTION: Debuffs.
  • What is the most important thing in an attack chain?
    • SOLUTION: The balance of roles in the group.

Taion's Quiz: Answers for the second round

After the first five questions, there is a short break. Then talk to Zakir, Mina or Skune to start the second round. In this you have to answer 5 of the following 10 questions:

  • What equipment is unique to the Kevesian army?
    • SOLUTION: Power Booster
  • At what location did Colony Sigma and Colony 9 fight each other?
    • SOLUTION: On the ailing field.
  • In which iris is the flame clock located?
    • SOLUTION: In Keves right, in Agnus left.
  • What is the name of the desert in the Fornis region?
    • SOLUTION : Dannagh Desert
  • What can Black Fog trigger?
    • SOLUTION: Annihilation event
  • Who defeated three colonies at once?
    • SOLUTION: The Silver Ethel.
  • What is the name of the jewel that can be found in the Aetia region?
    • SOLUTION: decorative bell
  • Who is the highest in a colony's chain of command?
    • SOLUTION: Consul
  • What colony rank comes after Kuper?
    • SOLUTION: Iron
  • What color is the smoke from supply drops?
    • SOLUTION: Red
After the second round, the result will be announced and you will complete the side mission. As a reward, you will receive 1,160 XP, 1,410 G, and 3 SP. As mentioned, you complete the side mission regardless of the outcome.