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Angie in Splatoon 3: How to Defeat Her, Best Strategy and Tips

 We give you the best tips and strategies so you can easily beat the final boss Angie and her brunettes in the Splatoon 3 story. Make her bite the dust!

Angie in Splatoon 3: How to Defeat Her, Best Strategy and Tips

Angie is the second final boss you face during the Splatoon 3 story. This character that you can fight in Mission 9 "The Future Looks Back" in Zone 2: Harmony Factory is not alone, as she is accompanied by an army of very dangerous brunettes.

So that you don't have any problems, below in this entry of our guide we show you the best tips and what is the most optimal strategy to follow to defeat this final boss as easily as possible. Let's go there!

Strategy to beat Angie

The fight against Angie and her brunettes takes place on a circular stage and is divided into several phases depending on how the enemy attacks:

First phase

  • During the first phase, Angie will stay on top of her cube as she spins around the stage. Meanwhile, she will throw you into her army of brunettes.
  • The key is to shoot all the moray eels to eliminate them while avoiding them and the cube. If you do this quickly, Angie's cube will stop spinning for a moment.
  • When the cube stops, shoot ink at one of the two faces that have metal plates to stain them and be able to climb through the ink turned into a squid.
  • When you get to the top, take advantage of the fact that Angie is stunned and shoot her until you damage her.
  • Note that if you take too long to get to the top of the bucket, Angie will charge back and you'll have to repeat the process to stop her bucket.

Second stage

  • In the second phase, Angie gets angry and begins to make a furious whirlwind.
  • This attack consists of the moray eels starting to spin around the cube creating a trail of ink at full speed.
  • Little by little the brunettes will turn further and further away from the cube towards the edge of the stage.
  • Try to shoot all the moray eels quickly and try to eliminate them before they get too far from the cube because later it's more difficult to hit them with your shots.
  • If the moray eels spread out too far and take up the entire stage, stay in one of the lines facing the direction the moray eels are coming from, as this will make it easier for you to take out the ones coming your way.
  • When you manage to defeat the brunettes, repeat the steps of inking a cube wall and climbing up to damage Angie (remember to do it fast!)

Third phase

  • Finally, in the third and final phase, Angie freaks out and starts spinning with her bucket surrounded by a bunch of ink.
  • The army of brunettes will gather in a joint cloud that moves around chasing you and going off stage to come back for you.
  • You will have to dodge Angie and the brunettes while eliminating them all to stop the cube.
  • When you manage to stop the bucket, climb back up to damage Angie one last time.
After damaging Angie a total of three times the fight will come to an end and you will be able to continue the story. As a reward, you will also receive 3 anchovies for your collection. Nothing bad!