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CoD Modern Warfare 2 6 Multiplayer Tips & Settings - Game Guide

 Through different and adjusted settings in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 there is the possibility to give you a small advantage in multiplayer. In the following, we tell you the best settings for your console.

CoD Modern Warfare 2 6 Multiplayer Tips & Settings - Game Guide

You should of course adjust some settings and options to suit your personal preferences and playing style. You don't necessarily have to change all settings. The best examples of this are the field of view and sensitivity of your analog sticks. There is no such thing as a 'best setting' as it is entirely a matter of your own preference. You also need to know that the settings refer to the CoD Modern Warfare 2 Beta. Once the game is released, we will adjust and update the article as necessary.

These graphics options allow you to see enemies and the environment better

In a competitive game mode, beautiful graphics are not always an advantage, since important information is often lost due to different effects. Especially in Call of Duty, where the TTK ("time to kill") is very low, sometimes details can mean the difference between a kill and your own death.

Go to "Graphics" and then to "Post-processing". Set Weapon Motion Blur and World Motion Blur to Off. You should also set "Image Noise" to 0.00 and "Depth of Field" to "Off".

You should only change the next settings if you have a good internet connection. Go to the "Details & Textures" section and set the options "On Demand Texture Streaming" to "On" and "Reserved Texture Cache Size" to "Large". To see the settings, just press Square/X (PS/Xbox) on On-Demand Texture Streaming. Due to the changes mentioned, multiplayer now has better textures than before.

Finally, in the Graphics category, you should set the "FidelityFX CAS Strength" feature to "On" in the "Post-processing" section and increase the value to around 50. The description of the game menu is a bit confusing and very rough. A higher value makes edges in the game appear better, which also allows you to see the details on the map better. Don't set it too high though.

This way you can see steps better

With the right settings, you can perceive and locate the enemy's footsteps very well. Go to the "Audio" options and change the "Audio Mix" to "Headphone Bass Boost". Of course, it should be clear that the setting only helps you if you play with a headset or headphones.

Changes the dead input area (dead zone) of your sticks & triggers

Go into the "Controller" settings and press R1/RB (PS/Xbox) to get to the advanced panel. Here you will find the option "dead input area". Press Square/X (PS/Xbox) there to display the advanced settings.

Now you should lower the value for "minimum left stick" and "minimum right stick". The default setting is so high that it sometimes feels like there is a small delay between input and execution. So put it down, but only down enough that you don't get automatic stick drift.

Under no circumstances should your aim move automatically. If so, the value is set too low. If you don't know what the dead zone is, you can find out more from our colleagues at GIGA. We have linked the relevant article for you.

You should also set the value for "L2/LT button dead zone" and "R2/RT button dead zone" to 0. So that your triggers have no delay.

Adjust your field of view

Go into the "Graphics" settings, here you can adjust your field of view, more precisely in the "View" section. The FoV option (field of view) was introduced to the consoles with CoD Black Ops Cold War and you should definitely switch it over. Most players do best with a value between 90 and 100.

You can also press Square/X (PS/Xbox) here to bring up "Sightsight FOV" and "Weapon FOV". Set "Aiming Field of View" to either "Independent" or "Affected", it really depends on your taste. Nevertheless, we recommend that you set it to "Affected" so that your individual field of view remains active when aiming. 

The "Weapon Field of View" option is bugged in the beta. Normally the size of the weapon should change on your screen. But no matter what you set, the weapon always stays the same size. We'll tell you whether you should change the option in the final game when CoD MW 2 is on the market.

This is how you can see server latency and packet loss

Navigate to the "Interface" tab and scroll down. There you will find "Telemetry", press Square/X (PS/Xbox) here to see more. Sets "Server Latency" and "Packet Loss" to "On". Likewise, the "Connection display" option should be set to "On".

Now you can always see if you are having connection issues during a game in the top left corner.

Sets the minimap to square

It's actually the default, but you should make sure the "minimap shape" is set to square. On "round" the minimap is about 25% smaller, which of course puts you at a disadvantage. To do this, go to the "Interface" tab and scroll down until you see the option.