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Codes from the safes The Last of Us Part 1. How to open all the safes

Codes from the safes The Last of Us Part 1. How to open all the safes

 Locked safes are one of the few improvements in The Last of Us Part 1 that were missing from the original draft. In this guide, we will detail how to open all the safes in the game and what useful items you can get.

How to open safes

The principle of using safes is quite simple: the player needs to find a special code somewhere on the level and use it to open a locked vault. Most of them are hidden in the vicinity of the boxes, however, they will require the player to be careful when searching carefully.

Finding passwords for safes is optional, so gamers don't have to worry about opening every vault, but useful items are hidden inside that can make survival much easier. Also, for finding all the passwords, the achievement "Nimble Fingers" is provided, which users will be able to open after examining each safe. The sections below list all the codes from the locked vaults.

How to open a safe in the outskirts (city center)

The very first safe can be found after a few hours of passing the game. We get to the destroyed subway in the city center and avoid meeting with zombies. Immediately go to the left side of the location and find the store. We jump over the counter and open the drawer behind the cash register. Inside it is a note with a combination from the safe - "03-43-78".

We leave through the central door and continue to go further until we find a bookstore.

We examine a large safe behind another counter inside the room. We enter the code and get 50 parts.

How to open a safe in Bill's town (forest)

In the first part of the level, Joel will carry Ellie over the mesh fence and ask her to open the door. The player will be on a street with a lot of buildings to look into. We get to this area and go along the path to the right. On the way, we notice a large metal safe on the street next to the pickup truck.

At the very end of the street, we will find a note with the code from the safe, which is attached to the barbed wire - "05-17-21".

We return back to the box and open it. Inside we find 50 parts, 5 additives, and cartridges for a hunting rifle.

How to open a safe in Pittsburgh (hotel lobby)

In the hotel, Joel needs to put a ladder on the left side of the lobby to continue the path. We install the item in the right place and go upstairs. Immediately we move to the right and we move through the destroyed passage along the wall. We examine the open suitcase. Inside we will find a note with the code from the storage - "22-10-56".

We jump back to the lower floor and on the right side of the room, we find another room behind the reception desk.

Inside the room, examine the safe and enter the correct combination. We pick up the reference book, 50 parts, revolver cartridges, and other materials for crafting items.

How to open a safe in Suburbia (house)

After escaping from the sewers, Joel and Ellie will find themselves in a small house. We do not go out onto a large wide street, otherwise, when meeting with a sniper, it will be impossible to return to the safe, and you will have to reload the entire chapter. We explore the last house in this area and go past the blue ice cream truck to a dead-end area.

We find the code for the safe in the house in the attic - "08-21-36". To do this, you have to inspect the matchbox.

We go down one floor below and open the safe located in the bedroom closet. Inside we find 10 additives, 50 parts, and shotgun shells.