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Disney Dreamlight Valley Catch Fugu (Blowfish) - Game Guide

 The fugu (blowfish) is a rare fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which unfortunately can only be caught under certain conditions. Here we will show you how to catch a fugu to use to make fugu sushi and steamed fugu.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Catch Fugu (Blowfish) - Game Guide

Fugu fangen

Fugu are puffer fish that you can sell for 900 coins or eat for 1,700 energy. Fugu can only be caught from orange bubbles on the shimmering beach when it's raining. In sunny weather, you will only be able to catch swordfish with orange bubbles.

So you have to wait for better or worse until it rains in your game. Then take your chance and fish on the shimmering beach to catch as many fugu as possible. To increase your yield, you should take a resident with you who has the hang-up bonus for fishing. The more residents have this bonus and the higher your friendship level with them, the more often you will get an extra fish after a successful fishing attempt.

In addition, you should complete Moiana's quest "The Repair of the Boat" so that she fishes fish for you. You can pick them up from her at regular intervals. We haven't had any luck getting a fugu from her ourselves, but she may have some if you collect the fish from her in rainy weather.

Prepare Fugu Sushi & Steamed Fugu

You need Fugu to be able to cook two specific recipes.

For fugu sushi you need the following ingredients:

  • Fugu
  • Reis
  • One piece

For steamed fugu you need to mix the following ingredients together:

  • Fugu
  • garlic
  • Ginger
Fugu isn't the only fish that only shows up when it rains. For example, for Elsa's quest "What Home Feels Like" you have to catch a glitter herring, which can also only be found in rainy weather.