Disney Dreamlight Valley A deal with Ursula - find crystals in the village - Game Guide

 In Ursula's last friendship quest "A deal with Ursula" you should investigate the ruins in the forgotten land and you have to find four crystals in the village. At this point, we will guide you through the entire quest and show you the exact locations of the crystals.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A deal with Ursula - find crystals in the village - Game Guide

Start "A deal with Ursula".

You can start this quest after completing The Ritual, reaching friendship level 10 with Ursula, and quest progression with Arielle. In addition, you must have already unlocked the Forest of Valor, Frozen Heights, and The Forgotten Land.

Ursula is ready to tell you the whereabouts of Prince Erik, but first, you should investigate the ruins in the forgotten land.

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Find Dark Crystal

The ruins are on the northern edge of the Forgotten Lands. You can discover a small area with four sockets here. On one of the pedestals is a dark crystal that you need to collect.


You can also collect the dark crystal before you have accepted Ursula's quest. You may already have it in your inventory or in your storage.

Find crystals in the village

After showing Ursula the dark crystal, the next step is to find three more crystals in the village. However, Ursula gives you no clues as to where they are hiding. In the following, we will therefore describe the localities.

  • Crystal #1 in the village: On the east side of the small pond on the sunny plain.
  • Crystal #2 in the village: To the right of the entrance to the great pasture (Mother Gothel's house) in the middle of the Glade of Trust.
  • Crystal #3 in the village: On the northern edge of Frozen Heights, to the right of the river.

Place crystals & get magic crystal

If you have all four dark crystals in your inventory, go back to the ruins with the pedestals in the forgotten land. Here you have to place all the crystals on the four pedestals. Then a magic crystal spawns on the ground a few meters in front of the pedestals, which you have to pick up.

In the last step, you only have to give Ursula the Crystal of Power. In exchange, you get poor Erik in distress. This item directly starts the follow-up quest "Poor Prince in Distress", through which you can finally unlock Erik, one of the characters from the Ariel universe.

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