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Disney Dreamlight Valley Feed small animals & unlock as companions (favorite food) - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can feed animals and unlock them as companions. However, you have to follow a few rules and also know your favorite food. In this guide, we will show you how to recruit small animals and what food they like best.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Feed small animals & unlock as companions (favorite food) - Game Guide

So you can feed animals

In the game, two variations of an animal species spawn per biome every day. This includes squirrels, rabbits, birds, and many other small animals. You can feed these animals every 24 hours. Approach them and then press the button that appears.

You can then choose an item to feed and if the animal likes it, you will get rewards in the form of various items. There are also various achievements for feeding the animals in the Dreamlight menu.

Unlock small animals as companions

To unlock one of the animals as a companion, you must have successfully fed it 2 food items that it likes. There are 41 small animals in total, which you can also view in the Collection menu. Here you can see each species in which biome it occurs and whether it is currently active (schedule).

Unlocked companions are listed in the menu. To "equip" the animals, all you have to do is open your wardrobe and select the appropriate small animal from the companion menu. From now on, it always runs at your side through the game world. Of course, you can also deselect companions in the same way.

Favorite food for all animals

Since you can only feed each animal once per day, you naturally want to choose the food that it likes. Therefore, we list below the favorite food for each type. We also give you tips on how to approach each small animal so that you can feed it.


  • Location: sunny plain
  • Food: flowers
  • Favorite food: Each variant favors a different flower (see next point)
  • Variants: Golden Sunbird (Sunflower/Iridescent Beach), Orchid Sunbird (Orange Houseleek/Sunny Plains), Red Sunbird (Red Bromeliad/Sunny Plains), Emerald Sunbird (Green Passion Lily/Icy Heights), Turquoise Sunbird (Pink Houseleek/Sunny Plains )
  • Approach: The sunbirds fly quite quickly over the sunny plains. But you can catch them and feed them relatively easily.


  • Location: main square
  • Food: fruits and nuts
  • Favorite Food: Peanuts (Sold by Remy)
  • Variants: Gray Squirrel, Classic Squirrel, Red Squirrel, Black Squirrel, White Squirrel
  • Approach: You can easily approach squirrels and feed them without any problems.


  • Location: Glade of Trust
  • Food: shellfish
  • Favorite Food: Lobster (Catchable at waterholes in Glade of Trust)
  • Variants: Blue Crocodile, Gold Crocodile, Classic Crocodile, Pink Crocodile, Red Crocodile, White Crocodile
  • Approach: Only approach crocodiles when they are looking down. Raise your head, stand still, and don't move until they look down. So you slowly approach and you can finally feed them.


  • Location: Peaceful Meadow
  • Food: Vegetables
  • Favorite Food: Carrots (Sold at Goofy's stall in the Peaceful Meadow)
  • Variants: Brown Rabbit, Classic Rabbit, Multicolored Rabbit, Black Rabbit, White Rabbit
  • Approach: Rabbits are very agile and upon first meeting, you will jump up and down in front of you and then quickly hop away. Just run after them until they stop, then you can approach and feed them.


  • Location: Forgotten Land
  • Diet: Not yet known
  • Favorite food: Still unknown
  • Variants: Blue Raven, Brown Raven, Classic Raven, Red Raven, White Raven
  • Approach: Still unknown

sea ​​turtles

  • Location: Shimmering Beach
  • Food: shellfish and seaweed
  • Favorite Food: Seaweed (Grows in all regions except Main Square)
  • Variants: Brown Sea Turtle, Classic Sea Turtle, Purple Sea Turtle, Black Sea Turtle, White Sea Turtle
  • Approach: When you approach the baby turtles, they will initially retreat into their shell out of fear. Then just wait a bit and don't move. After a few seconds, they will feel safe again and you can feed them.


  • Location: Icy Heights
  • Food: fish
  • Favorite Food: White Sturgeon (Catchable at watering holes in the Freezing Heights)
  • Variants: Blue Fox, Classic Fox, Red Fox, Black Fox, White Fox,
  • Approach: Foxes behave similarly to rabbits and will initially run away from you. Follow them until you can finally feed them.


  • Location: Forest of Valor
  • Food: fruits
  • Favorite Food: Blueberries (Growing in Shimmering Beach and Forest of Valor)
  • Variants: Blue Raccoon, Classic Raccoon, Red Raccoon, Black Raccoon, White Raccoon
  • Approach: Raccoons are very shy and similar to crocodiles you have to slowly approach them step by step and stop in between if they look around excitedly.