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Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial - Find Heart of Ice & Falling Water - Game Guide

 In Merlin's last friendship quest "The Final Trial" in Disney Dreamlight Valley you have to find the heart of ice and falling water, among other things. As a reward, you get an upgrade for your watering can at the end, which you can use to remove all the mushrooms that are blocking paths and bridges. In our walkthrough, we guide you through all the steps of the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial - Find Heart of Ice & Falling Water - Game Guide

Start "The Final Trial".

To start Merlin's Final Trial, upgrade your friendship with him to max level 10. You must also have unlocked WALL-E to start the quest. WALL-E is behind the left door on the first floor of Dream Castle, which you can unlock with 3,000 Dreamlight.

If both requirements are met, talk to Merlin, who found a way to max out your watering can so you can remove large mushrooms. For this, you should first produce 5x cleaned night shards. For this, you need 25x night shards and 5x dream shards. You can simply dig night shards out of the ground at glittering spots.

Once you've made the cleaned night shards at the workbench, give them to WALL-E in the next step so he can crush them for you. This will give you Nightshard Powder. Then talk to Merlin again, who will now send you to search for the following materials:

  • 1x falling water
  • 1x heart of ice
  • 25x mushrooms

Merlin also gives you an Ice Tears Seed that you need for the Heart of Ice.

Find falling water

The falling water is an item that you can find in the south of the Glade of Trust near the waterfall on the shore. The following picture shows you the exact location:

find heart of ice

You can easily get the Heart of Ice. Plant the Ice Tear seed that Merlin gave you on any field and water it with your watering can. It then only takes a few seconds and you can finally harvest the Heart of Ice.

find mushrooms

To complete the quest you need a whopping 25x Mushrooms. You can not grow them and they only grow at the Glade of Trust on the ground. Alternatively, you can also get mushrooms if you eliminate the small mushrooms in the clearing or in the peaceful meadow with the watering can. This way you get one mushroom at a time.

If you still don't have enough mushrooms, you can use a little trick. You can't destroy the clearing's large mushrooms yet, but you can use a fast travel trick to do so. To do this, restore the fast travel fountain in the clearing and move it to the west side of the clearing via the furniture menu. So you can reach the other side of the bridge via fast travel and collect more mushrooms there.

Craft upgrade & remove large mushrooms

Once you have collected all the items, you can now produce the stately watering can refinement ointment at the workbench. Give it to Merlin and he will then give you the upgrade for your watering can. Now you can also destroy large mushrooms on the map with the watering can.

Do this once and then speak to Merlin one last time to complete the quest. As a reward, you will also receive the large magician's hat from him.