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Disney Dreamlight Valley Find all flowers and plants - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can pick 40 different flowers and plants, which you often need for certain quests or as favorite gifts for your residents. In our overview, we list all flowers with their localities and sales prices.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find all flowers and plants - Game Guide

Find all plants

Each Disney Dreamlight Valley biome has different types of flowers and plants that you can pick. After some time, these will grow back elsewhere. Each picked flower unlocks the corresponding entry in your Collection menu under the "Collect" category.

Here you can see information about the location and sales price for each plant. However, flowers are not a good way to make money as they bring a few coins when sold. It is still important to collect and store all types of flowers, as you will need them regularly as gifts for residents or for quests such as "Sweet Stuff, Luck Alone".

So it's best to put three chests in your house and start a collection of flowers. Below we list all the flowers with their localities so that you can find them quickly.

List of all 40 flowers (locations and prices)

flowerlocalityselling price
Blue HydrangeaDazzling Beach28
Blue passion lilyIcy Heights56
Blue star lilyForest of Valor30
Blue barbelmain square23
Blue marsh milkweedclearing of trust48
Yellow bromeliadsunny plain73
Yellow nasturtiumforgotten land85
Yellow Daisypeaceful meadow20
Green blooming barbelpeaceful meadow35
Green passion lilyIcy Heights28
Purple barbelmain square23
Purple hydrangeaDazzling Beach39
Purple balsamforgotten land40
Purple marsh milkweedclearing of trust25
Purple bellflowerForest of Valor30
dandelionmain square23
Orange houseleeksunny plain52
Orange nasturtiumforgotten land60
Orange star lilyForest of Valor43
Orange marsh milkweedclearing of trust33
Orange-red marsh milkweedclearing of trust66
Pink bromeliadsunny plain27
Pink houseleeksunny plain35
Pink hydrangeaDazzling Beach22
Red bromeliadsunny plain27
Red bellflowerForest of Valor23
Red nasturtiumforgotten land40
Red passion lilyIcy Heights38
Red barbelmain square18
Red Daisypeaceful meadow48
Black passion lilyIcy Heights79
sunflowerDazzling Beach28
Violet blooming barbelpeaceful meadow25
White bellflowerForest of Valor60
White passion lilyIcy Heights38
White and pink barbelmain square41
White Daisypeaceful meadow25
White balsamforgotten land30
White marsh milkweedclearing of trust33
White-red hydrangeaDazzling Beach54