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Disney Dreamlight Valley Find and farm dream shards - Game Guide

 Dream Shards are a rare resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You need the Dream Shards for certain quests and you can also use them to craft Dreamlight and Purified Night Shards. We show you all the methods to find dream shards and whether you can buy dream shards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find and farm dream shards - Game Guide

Find & farm dream shards

You need dream shards for some important quests. Because of this, you shouldn't make a big mistake and spend all your shards. You can use them at the workbench to create Dreamlight or Purified Nightshards. However, we recommend that you do not do this or only do so to a small extent because farming dream shards is extremely tedious later in the game.

There are exactly two methods to find Dream Shards. However, both only give you a low chance of dropping these items.

  • Feeding Animals: When you feed critters their favorite food, they have a low chance of dropping dream shards as a reward. In the linked guide we list the favorite food for all animals. Note that you can only feed animals once per day and that only two animals will spawn per biome per day. So if you have unlocked all regions, you can feed 16 animals per day.
  • Remove Nightthorns: Removing Nightthorns gives you a small chance to drop Dreamshards as loot each time. A few night thorns spawn again and again every day so that you have a chance to get some again.

Besides these methods, sometimes the developers may gift you some Dream Shards. For example, you will receive 25 dream shards as a welcome gift. So this might happen more often in the future.

Can you buy dream shards?

Many players wonder if you can buy dream shards from vendors like Goofy or Scrooge. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. However, it cannot be ruled out that such a purchase option will be introduced with future updates.