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Disney Dreamlight Valley Find and open Mickey's secret door - Game Guide

 Mickey's final friendship quest "The Secret Door" sends you on a quest to find a secret room somewhere in Disney Dreamlight Valley. At this point, we will show you where you can find the secret door and what is hidden behind it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find and open Mickey's secret door

Start "The Secret Door".

In order to be able to start Mickey's last quest "The Secret Door", you must first improve your friendship level with him to a maximum of 10. You must also have unlocked the Sunny Plains biome. He will then give you a chest to open with your magic in your backpack.

This will unlock a new memory that shows a half-covered door decorated with different colored gems. Your task is now to find the secret door from Mickey's memory in the valley.

Find Mickey's secret door

Unfortunately, the memory gives no clue as to where this secret door is supposed to be. To find her, you have to go to the dream castle north of the main square. After entering the ground floor, go straight past the stairs to the right. Here are four plants that only leave a small gap that you can pass. Behind it is the secret door, which is covered by a purple curtain.

Interact with the curtain to reveal the secret door. In the next step, you have to solve a puzzle to open the secret door.

Find gems & open secret door

Only a green gemstone (peridot) is embedded in the sockets of the secret door. To open it, you need to find four more gems. The picture from Mickey's memory gives you a clue as to what color these gems must be.

You have to find the following gems and place them in the door:

  • Citrine (Orange): Obtained from mineral deposits in Sunny Plains and Glade of Trust.
  • Tourmaline (Pink): Obtained from mineral deposits in Sunny Plains and Frozen Heights.
  • Aquamarine (Blue): Obtained from mineral deposits in Dazzling Beach and the Forest of Valor.
  • Garnet (Red): Obtained from mineral deposits in the Main Square and Peaceful Meadow.

Once you have found all the gems and placed them in the door, you can open the secret door and enter a secret room.

Explore secret room

In the secret room, all you have to do is talk to Mickey to complete the quest. As a reward, you will receive Mickey's Last Friendship Gift (Enchanting Fountain). However, you should keep looking around the secret room, because there is a lot to discover here.

On the one hand, you can open many chests that contain various items such as flowers and seeds. On the other hand, be sure to pick up the eye-catching book from the floor and place it on the large bookshelf. This pushes a secret wall aside, revealing another side room. Inside you will find three more chests with night shards, gold bars, and gold nuggets as well as various gems that you can sell for a lot of money.