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Disney Dreamlight Valley Find Iron Ore & Craft Iron Ingots - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can find iron ore and use it to craft iron ingots to complete certain quests or build projects. In this guide, we will show you where iron ore is found and how you can process it into iron ingots.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find Iron Ore & Craft Iron Ingots - Game Guide

Find and farm iron ore

You can only get iron ore by mining mineral deposits with your pickaxe. These are the black rock deposits that you will find at the edge of each region. However, you will not get iron ore from the mineral deposits in the main square and in the peaceful meadow. Only deposits in the following regions can drop Iron Ore:

  • Forest of Valor
  • clearing of trust
  • sunny plain
  • Icy Heights
  • forgotten land

You will regularly receive iron ore, stones, and often gems from the deposits in the regions mentioned. The occurrences also regularly respawn in the same places. This only takes a few minutes in real-time. So you can map out routes, follow them, and then start again from the beginning when the deposits respawn.

In order to farm iron ore effectively, you should also invite a resident into your party who you have assigned the dependency bonus for more minerals. This sometimes gives you double the yield of iron ore. The chance increases higher the more residents have this bonus and the higher your friendship level with them.

Craft Iron Ingots

You need iron ore to produce iron ingots on workbenches. For 5x iron ore and 1x coal ore, you can produce an iron bar. You'll probably have enough Coal Ore, since you often get it for removing Nightthorns, for example.

You need iron ingots from time to time for quests like "A house for the duck" or to make the shovel upgrade to remove tree stumps . You will mainly need it for crafting furniture.