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Disney Dreamlight Valley Find seaweed, fibers and ropes - Game Guide

 Seaweed, fiber, and rope form a production chain in Disney Dreamlight Valley that is not easily maintained as seaweed is not always easy to come by. Here we show how you can find tons of seaweed to craft fiber and rope with.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find seaweed, fibers and ropes - Game Guide

Find and farm seaweed

You need seaweed for various things in the game. In addition to serving as a favorite food for certain animals, it is important in the manufacture of fiber and rope. For missions like "The Mysterious Wreck" or "A House for the Duck" you need a lot of ropes. So you have to find tons of seaweed to be able to produce the follow-up products.

Basically, you can find seaweed in all biomes of the valley, because sometimes it just lies around on the ground. However, it rarely appears here. The best way to farm seaweed is to fish it. However, you should not fish where there are bubbles in the water, because then you will only get fish as prey. Only fish in calm spots in the water. This way you will regularly find seaweed in addition to fish.

To make farming kelp even more effective, invite a dweller into your party that you have assigned the fishing to hang bonus. In this way, your companion will regularly double the fished loot. The chance of double the loot increases the higher the more residents have the same dependency bonus and a high friendship level with you.

Making fibers and ropes

You can only craft fibers and ropes at the workbench. To make fiber you need seaweed and for rope, you need fiber in the following ratio:

  • For 5x fibers, you need 1x seaweed
  • For 1x rope, you need 8x fibers

For example, for 10 ropes you need 80x fibers, which you can produce with 16x seaweed. The fishing method is the quickest way to make these quantities.