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Disney Dreamlight Valley Finding paper for Ursula - Sweet hiding place, luck alone - Game Guide

 In the friendship task "Sweet Stash, Luck Alone" you have to find paper for Ursula and collect purple penguins and violet flowering penguins to make purple dye, among other things. You can read in our walkthrough how you can complete all the steps of Ursula's quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Finding paper for Ursula - Sweet hiding place, luck alone

Start "Sweet Stash, Luck Alone".

After you have unlocked Ursula as a resident of the valley in the story task "With great power", you can start this task and first have to place her house near the water. So place it near the shimmering beach via the furniture menu and then interact with Scrooge's shield. You need 10,000 gold coins to build Ursula's house.

Then talk to Ursula about her new home. In the next step, she asks you to collect paper from the houses in the village. However, you will not find out exactly which houses she means. Below we describe exactly where the three paper locations are.

Paper Location #1

The first paper for Ursula is in Mickey's house on the dining table. If you haven't already placed Mickey's house elsewhere, it defaults to the southwest on the main square.

Paper Location #2

The next paper is in Merlin's house right on his desk in the middle. By default, Merlin's House is located to the west of the Peaceful Meadow.

Paper Location #3

Also in the peaceful meadow is Goofy's house. Inside you'll find the last piece of paper on the corner of the couch.

Then bring the collected paper to Ursula. In the next step, you should use it to craft a magic scroll and the ink set.

Find Purple Penstemon & Violet Blooming Penstemon

For the scroll and the ink set you need the following materials:

  • 3x Paper: Have you already collected in the previous step.
  • 6x dream shards: You can read in detail where you can find farm dream shards in the linked guide.
  • 1x Empty Flask: Can be crafted at a workbench with 3x Glass. You can also produce 3x glass at the workbench with a total of 15x sand and 3x coal ore. You can find sand on the beach or by destroying the blue stones there. Follow Maui's quests to get the pickaxe upgrade you need.
  • 2x Purple Dye: Collect 8x Purple Beardtongue and 8x Purple Blooming Beardtongue to craft the Dye at a workbench. Purple Penstemon grows all over the main square. On the other hand, purple blooming penstemon only grows on the peaceful meadow. By the way, flowers respawn after a few minutes.
Once you have gathered all the materials, craft the magic scroll and ink set at the workbench and give them to Ursula to complete her quest. As a reward, you will receive, among other things, a bream and a shrimp.