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Disney Dreamlight Valley Finding, farming and crafting Clay - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must find clay to complete certain quests or to craft bricks. If you are wondering where you can farm clay, we will give you help in this guide. We are also investigating whether you can produce clay.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Finding, farming and crafting Clay - Game Guide

Clay isn't that easy to find in the Valley if you don't know where to look. Clay is generally found in the following three biomes:

  • clearing of trust
  • sunny plain
  • forgotten land

The first thing you'll probably do is unlock the Glade of Trust in the southwest. You just have to dig for clay here. So take your shovel in your hand and dig anywhere in the ground to regularly get clay here in addition to earth.

To double your yield, you should farm clay if you have a dweller in your group with the digging hang bonus. The chance of double clay increases the more residents have this bonus and the higher your friendship level with them.

We also recommend you complete Merlin's mission "The Final Trial". This will give you a watering can upgrade that you can use to remove large mushrooms to reach the other side of the clearing. Alternatively, you can use the fast travel trick with fountains. This way you can dig up the entire bottom of the clearing to get even more clay.

You need 25x clay for the mission "The Mysterious Wreck". You can also produce bricks at the workbench with 5x clay and 1x coal ore.

Can you make clay?

You cannot make clay yourself. It is a natural product found only in soils in the regions described. By the way, you can't buy clay either.