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Disney Dreamlight Valley A forgotten combination (solution) - Game Guide

 In the friendship task "A Forgotten Combination" by Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to find out the combination for his money vault and have to follow various clues. At this point, we show you the complete solution for Scrooge's Quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A forgotten combination (solution) - Game Guide

Solution for "A forgotten combination"

If you follow Scrooge's friendship tasks, you will eventually get this mission from him. He has misplaced the six-digit combination for his money vault and he needs you to find it out. He gives you a note with three clues that you can look at in your backpack.

The hints are as follows:

  • Ask Goofy what his favorite day is.
  • Go to the meadow and count the ponds.
  • How many telescopes does a magician need to observe the stars?

In order to solve the mission, you must follow these three clues in a targeted manner so that they are ticked off one by one as you follow the mission. Only then can you go back to Scrooge and give him the combination. So it won't do you any good if we tell you the combination here. You cannot enter them into Scrooge's vault yourself.

Goofy's favorite day

This task is easy. Talk to Goofy, who can usually be found in the Peaceful Meadow, and ask him what his favorite day is. Then he will give you May 25th (25-05) as an answer.

Count ponds in the meadow

This task is already ticked off when you are near the peaceful meadow. Just open the map and count the ponds on the peaceful meadow. This gives you the next number 3 for the combination.

Wizard's telescopes

To complete the third task, you must enter Merlin's house. This is to the west of the Peaceful Meadow. Inside is exactly 1 telescope, which gives you the last number for the combination.

Complete Scrooge's mission

If you've followed all the clues, you already know that the combination for the money vault is "25-05-3-1". But you must first return to Scrooge's shop and answer his questions about each clue. The correct answers are as follows:

  1. ...on 25 May
  2. 3
  3. 1 is sufficient

In this way, you give Scrooge the combination and successfully complete his friendship task.