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Disney Dreamlight Valley A house for the duck - clean up Donald's house (bug) - Game Guide

 After Donald Duck has moved into Disney Dreamlight Valley as a resident, you can help him repair his houseboat during the mission "A House for the Duck". Among other things, you have to produce the boat repair kit and clean up Donald's house, which can lead to an annoying bug. In our walkthrough, we guide you through the mission.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A house for the duck - clean up Donald's house (bug) - Game Guide

Start "A House for the Duck".

After unlocking the Forest of Valor and completing the Lost in the Darkened Grove story quest, you can talk to Donald Duck and start his friendship quest, A Home for the Duck. His boathouse is in ruins on the dazzling beach and you should speak to Scrooge McDuck to help fix it.

Craft boat repair kit

Scrooge tasks you with gathering materials for a boat repair kit. He will give you the blueprint of Donald's boat in return. You also need the following things:

  • 16x Softwood: Found on the ground near trees in all regions.
  • 8x Hardwood: Found on the ground near trees in all regions (except Main Square and Peaceful Meadow).
  • 2x Iron Ingots: First, collect 10x Iron Ore from mineral deposits in all regions (except Main Square and Peaceful Meadow). You can process these into 2x iron ingots at a workbench.
  • 4x ropes: You can produce ropes at the workbench for 8x fibers each. You can also produce fibers at the workbench. For 5x fibers, you need 1x seaweed.

If you have all the materials together, you can craft the boat repair kit at the workbench. Then give it to Donald and interact with Scrooge McDuck's shield next to the houseboat to repair it.

Clean up Donald's house (bug warning!)

In the next step, you enter the houseboat together with Donald. He gives you the task of cleaning up his house. The following items are scattered around the boat:

  • 2x Donald's prizes
  • 2x pitchers
  • 1x Donald's book
  • 1x Mysterious Junk
Collect all items to complete Donald's quest. Unfortunately, many players and we too have problems with this task, as a bug can prevent you from collecting all the items in the boat. It can happen that one of the prizes is out of reach between the sofa and the coffee table. This is then unreachable for you.

Unfortunately, there is still no solution/workaround for this bug (as of September 15th). Willy-nilly you'll have to wait for a patch from the developers that fixes the problem).

If you have one of the items under the coffee table instead, you can reach it by dropping an item from your backpack nearby. In such a case you will then get the button overlay that lets you collect the item under the table. The following YT video shows you how to do this:

Alternatively, it can also work if you walk against the table for a while until the key overlay appears with a bit of luck.