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Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost in the Dark Grove - Find Donald Duck - Game Guide

 After unlocking the Forest of Valor in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can accept the Lost in the Darkened Grove story quest from Kristoff there. At the end of this mission, you can unlock Donald Duck as a resident. But for this, you have to find the plant from the dark grove and emeralds, among other things. In our walkthrough, we guide you through all the steps of the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost in the Dark Grove - Find Donald Duck - Game Guide

Start Lost in the Dark Grove

If you have unlocked the Forest of Valor with Dreamlight directly west of the main square, the story task "Lost in the Dark Grove" will automatically end up in your task menu. To start them, talk to Kristoff, who is standing in front of a portal in the southeast of the forest.

He tells you that Donald Duck tracked a dark entity through the portal that stole the Orb of Courage from the pillar in the forest. After going through the portal yourself, you will only find one of Donald's feathers on the ground. If you try to go through the fog in the grove, you will always end up back at the starting point.

After showing Kristoff the quill, he will refer you to Merlin. The magician gives you the task of collecting ingredients for a location spell. For this you need the following materials:

  • 1x Donald's feather
  • 2x Emeralds
  • 1x plant from the dark grove
  • 4x Dream Shards

You already have Donald's feather, but you have to find the rest of the things yourself.

Find plant from the dark grove

To get the plant you have to go through the portal in the forest again. Right next to the portal you can discover and collect the glowing pink plant on a thorny tendril.

find emeralds

Emeralds are green gems that can only be mined from mineral deposits in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Faith. If you can't unlock the latter biome yet because you're missing Dreamlight, you're left with the forest. Run around the edges of the biome to find the mineral deposits.

Unfortunately, the northern part of the forest is blocked. Alternatively, if you can't remove tree stumps yet, you can use tricks to get to unreachable places. To do this, restore the fast travel fountain in the forest and move it to the north side of the forest via the furniture menu. So you can reach the other side of the bridge via fast travel and farm more mineral deposits.

In addition, you should invite a dweller into your group who has the hang bonus to mine additional minerals. This way you can get the emeralds even faster.

find dream shards

Unless you already have enough in your inventory, finding new Dreamshards can take a while as there are only two ways to get more.

  • Removes night thorns in the different regions of the game. Each removed Nightthorn has a low chance of dropping Dreamshards as loot. A few Nightthorns spawn every day, which you can eliminate.
  • Give small animals their favorite food. They also have a small chance of dropping Dream Shards. Each region has two small animals that you can feed once a day.

Find Donald Duck

Bring all the materials you have gathered to Merlin so that he can create the location spell for you. Then go back through the portal in the forest and follow the glowing gold magic through the grove, which will lead you unerringly to Donald Duck. **

He will give you the Orb of Courage to use on the pillar outside the portal, which will complete the quest. Subsequently, Donald joins as a resident of Dreamlight Valley. In the next mission "A House for the Duck" you can now restore Donald's house.