Disney Dreamlight Valley The Lost Prince - Find all pieces of the statue - Game Guide

 In Ariel's friendship quest "The Lost Prince" you are to look for Prince Erik and have to track down parts of his statue in order to locate his whereabouts. In our Ariel's Quest walkthrough, we show you the localities of all pieces of Erik's statue.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Lost Prince - Find all pieces of the statue

Start "The Lost Prince".

After you have unlocked Ariel as a resident of the valley, she sends you in this task to search for Prince Erik, who seems to have disappeared without a trace. She asks you to speak to Merlin, Maui, and Kristoff, who may know where he is.

Unfortunately, Merlin and Maui cannot help, but Kristoff was on an expedition with Erik and you should look for the expedition reports in his house.

Find expedition reports

Kristoff's house is in the east of the Forest of Valor. Go to the back area with the library, where the book with the expedition reports is on a table.

Bring the book to Kristoff, who will direct you to the skull rock on the shimmering beach in the next step, where you should look for further clues.

Find the face of the statue at Skull Rock

The Skull Rock is located at the southeasternmost point of the dazzling beach on the small island off the coast. To the right of the skull rock, you will see orange bubbles that you can fish from. Use your fishing rod here to get the face of Erik's statue.

Show Ariel the part of the statue you found and then bring it to Kristoff. He tells you that one of the statue pieces is in his house and Donald Duck has the other two.

Find all parts of the statue

You can find Kristoff's part of the statue right in front of the table where you previously found the expedition reports in his house. Then talk to Donald about his two parts of the statue. He tells you that he buried one at the Glade of Trust and gave the other to Scrooge McDuck.

Scrooge McDuck will only give you his piece of the statue if you bring him 5x Peridot (Green Gems). These gems can only be obtained from mineral deposits in Peaceful Meadow and Dazzling Beach. Then give them to Scrooge to complete the trade.

All that remains is Donald's section at the Glade of Trust. You'll find it buried in the ground on the southern edge of the area, to the right of the river.

Craft & place Prince Erik Statue

Return to Ariel, who will give you the super glue to assemble all 3 pieces of the statue, plus the face, at any workbench. Then you should place the statue near the grand staircase that leads to the dazzling beach.

Once the statue is near the stairs, it spawns a memory that you can pick up and view. It shows Ursula and Erik in a cave. Then report what you found to Ariel to complete the quest.

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