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Disney Dreamlight Valley Making Fish Buns and Raw Food (Minnie Goes Missing) - Game Guide

 During the friendship quest "Minnie is Missing" in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are tasked with making Fish Buns and Raw Food for Mickey. But what ingredients do you need for these dishes exactly? In this guide, we'll tell you so you can complete Mickey's quest quickly.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Making Fish Buns and Raw Food (Minnie Goes Missing) - Game Guide

Solution for "Minnie is missing"

If you follow Mickey's quest line, you will receive the quest "Minnie is missing" from him in the course of the quest. He wants to organize a picnic for Minnie and you should prepare 2x fish sandwiches and 5x raw vegetables. However, Mickey does not give you any recipes for these dishes.

So you have to combine the right ingredients yourself on the gas stove in your house to get these dishes. If you have problems with this, you will find the corresponding recipes described below.

Fish Roll Recipe

To make a fish roll, you need the following ingredients:

  • 1x wheat
  • 1x Fish (Any Kind)

You can grow wheat yourself or alternatively buy it from Goofy's booth if you want it to go faster. You can catch fish from the bubbles found on the ponds near the Peaceful Meadow. Between the ponds, you will also find a broken rod that Goofy will fix for you if you bring it to him.

Raw Food Recipe

To make raw food, you need the following ingredients:

  • 1x vegetable (choice of a carrot, a cucumber, a mushroom, or a pepper)

This recipe shouldn't cause you any problems, since you can grow carrots in large quantities right from the start of the game.

Note that you have to make 2x fish rolls and 5x raw food, so you need several units of the ingredients. When you have made all the dishes, give them to Mickey and follow him to the picnic area to complete the friendship task.