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Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer and co-op - all essential information

 Disney Dreamlight Valley has appeared in Early Access and many are wondering if it will have multiplayer. Games like Disney Dreamlight Valley lend themselves to co-op adventures, and we'll tell you everything we know about multiplayer so far.

With the start of Early Access, it will not be possible to play Disney Dreamlight Valley in co-op. There are also no other features that support any other type of multiplayer. But this statement is not final and the question should be answered very differently in the future.

Will there be multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Will there be multiplayer in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Just because there is no multiplayer at the beginning of the early access phase does not mean that you have to do without it completely. On the contrary. The developers have set themselves and us some goals and one of them is multiplayer. This is to be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley over time.

All it takes is 250,000 players to wishlist the game. This in turn refers to all platforms on which it is to appear. According to the latest information on the official Discord channel, this number has been reached and according to this statement, Gameloft will take care of multiplayer for their Disney adventure (see picture above). But what does that mean?

How and when? – That can be said about multiplayer so far

According to the news on Steam, all achieved goals will be added during the early access phase or after the launch in the free-to-play phase. This means that Gameloft has not yet made a firm statement about the release of the multiplayer.

However, what multiplayer means can be roughly deduced from the information in the picture. At first, it appears to be just a way to visit other players' Valleys. There is no real indication of a co-op mode for the future either.