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Disney Dreamlight Valley My Kingdom for a Scroll - Find Scrooge's Chest and Key - Game Guide

 In Mother Gothel's quest "My Kingdom for a Scroll" in Disney Dreamlight Valley you should find the Sun Scroll and for that, you have to craft a microphone berry tree and find Scrooge's chest and Scrooge's key. In our walkthrough, we guide you through all the steps of the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley My Kingdom for a Scroll - Find Scrooge's Chest and Key

Start My Kingdom for a Scroll

Mother Gothel asks you to get the Sun Scroll from Scrooge during this mission. First, talk to Scrooge, who will give you the task of crafting a Microphone Berry Tree. For this you need the following materials:

  • 50x softwood
  • 30x earth
  • 1x box with electronic components

The latter can be found in WALL-E's house (depending on where you placed it). Enter the house and then look to the right of the table where the components should be.

Then craft the Microphone Berry Tree at any workbench and place it near Scrooge's Shop. Then talk to Scrooge, who will tell you that he buried the sun scroll in a chest near the mystical grotto. In turn, he sunk the key near the waterfall in the clearing of trust.

Find Scrooge's Key

For Scrooge McDuck's Key, you'll need to pull out your line and fish by the yellow bubbles that can be seen in front of the waterfall in the Glade of Trust.

Find Scrooge's chest

To find Scrooge McDuck's chest, head outside the entrance to the cave on Shiny Beach that you visited for the quest With Great Power. A few meters before the entrance you can discover a glittering spot on the ground. Dig here to unearth Scrooge's chest.

Return to Mother Gothel and give her the Key and Scrooge's Chest to successfully complete the quest.