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Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy's Recipe Book - Find Hidden Books & Unlock Peanuts - Game Guide

 In Remy's quest "Remy's Recipe Book" you should find his hidden books, which contain further instructions for dishes. However, the exact locations are well hidden. At this point, we will guide you through Remy's mission, at the end of which you will also unlock peanuts for purchase.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy's Recipe Book - Find Hidden Books & Unlock Peanuts - Game Guide

Start "Remy's Recipe Book".

After reopening Remy's restaurant in the valley, Remy will give you this quest to find lost recipe books. The first step is to ask Micky about the books. This will give you the book reference list to use from your inventory.

This will give you a new memory that shows three locations of the books in the valley. Your task is now to find the three locations shown and dig up the books there.

Hiding of the first book

You can find the first book on the peaceful meadow. Just southwest of Goofy's house, the book is buried to the left of the stairs leading down to Iridescent Beach.

Hideout of the second book

For the next book, you must go to the mystical cave on the Shimmering Beach that you visited during the "With Great Power" mission. Head down here to the level where the large stone cooking area is. Left before you can dig the book out of the ground.

Hideout of the third book

Remy's final book is buried just in front of Goofy's booth on the shimmering beach.

Unlock peanuts for purchase

In the next step, Remy asks you to get peanuts from Paris. So return to the dream castle and go through the portal to the Ratatouille kingdom. In the kitchen, you will find the peanuts in the back of the kitchen. You can't miss it.

Give the bag of peanuts to Remy, who will give you recipes for the peanut butter sandwich and peanut butter waffles. You must now prepare these two dishes for him in the restaurant. For this you need the following ingredients:

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich: Peanut, Wheat
  • Peanut Butter Waffles: Peanut, Wheat, Egg, Milk

You can buy wheat from Goofy's booth in the peaceful meadow, or you can buy seeds for it and then grow it yourself. You can buy all other ingredients from Remy in the restaurant. Once you've prepared both dishes, talk to Remy to complete the mission. From then on, Remy has peanuts permanently in its product range.