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Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel: That's why you shouldn't change time - Game Guide

 Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulation game linked to real-time. Certain things you can only do for a limited time in one day and have to wait until the next day for further progress. The idea here is to simply change the time in the system settings to reset everything. In this guide, we explain why you shouldn't do this.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel: That's why you shouldn't change time - Game Guide

Time travel can corrupt the save game

Since Disney Dreamlight Valley has similar gameplay to Animal Crossing, Switch players in particular are familiar with the concept of time travel and may want to try it in Disney Dreamlight Valley to progress faster. Resources only respawn daily in your village, the offer in the shops changes and you can only feed small animals once a day. These are just a few examples of activities designed to encourage you to play every day.

Unfortunately, while time travel works smoothly in Animal Crossing, that's not the case in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As you can also read in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Reddit FAQ, this is strictly not recommended as it will destroy your save. Bugs related to changing the time are not a high priority according to the developers. When and if the problems will be fixed at all cannot be predicted. You should therefore not change the time in your game!

How do I know my game is bugged?

You'll notice this primarily because resources no longer spawn daily. In addition, you will no longer be able to harvest plants that grow in the village without your intervention. This affects, for example, oregano or bananas, which you have to collect for certain quests and therefore cannot complete these quests.

Is there a fix for the time bug?

Fortunately yes! To do this, however, you must know the date before you changed the time for the first time. If you set the time to the date when everything was still working, the bug will be fixed. From our own experience, we can report that it worked for us. However, this means that the date in your system can no longer be synchronized with the correct date.

If you don't remember the date of the first modification, unfortunately, there is no other solution to the problem. You'll have to start a new game for better or worse if you can't get any further.

How do I change the time?

We do not want to go into this step by step, as this is not recommended as stated. If you still want to change the time, it's easy to do and works the same on all systems. You have to go to the system settings of your console or your PC and switch off the synchronization of the time using the Internet there. You can then manually set the date and time, which will affect Disney Dreamlight Valley.