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Disney Dreamlight Valley A Warm Welcome: Finding Oregano and Basil - Game Guide

 "A Warm Welcome" is an early quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, given by Goofy. You have to collect oregano and basil and cook something with them. But even apart from that, it is of course good to know where you can find the herbs at any time.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Warm Welcome: Finding Oregano and Basil - Game Guide

Localities of Oregano and Basil

Goofy wants to cook something with you and tasks you with gathering oregano and basil. He tells you directly the areas that you should take a close look at, namely the main square and the peaceful meadow.

  • Oregano: The plant grows exclusively in the main square. You can recognize oregano by its long stems with thin leaves.
  • Basil: This herb can only be found in the Peaceful Meadow. You can recognize the herbal plant very well by its large, strong leaves.

The two plants grow without your intervention in the respective areas and you should therefore be able to collect them without any problems. You can only collect a limited number every day and then you have to wait until the next day. For "A warm welcome" you need 3x oregano and 3x basil.

Cook with basil or oregano

After you collect the desired herbs, Goofy wants you to prepare a dish with either basil or oregano. Don't worry, this doesn't have to be a fancy dish. Go to your stove and start the cooking process. Now just select 1x basil or 1x oregano as an ingredient and get started. You get an appetizer like this. Show Goofy the appetizer and you'll successfully complete the quest. 

Oregano and Basil cannot be collected

If you have found oregano and basil in your village but cannot harvest them, then it is due to a bug. Such a bug can occur, among other things, if you have changed the time in your game. If this applies to you, you can use the linked guide to find out how to solve the problem.