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Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power - Find Cursed Cave & Orb of Power - Game Guide

 The story quest "With Great Power" is a massive mission set by Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where you have to find and explore the cursed cave. In the process, you also have to remove various magical gates in order to get to the orb of power. If you have any problems with the quest, you can find the solution for each step in our walkthrough.

Disney Dreamlight Valley With Great Power - Find Cursed Cave & Orb of Power - Game Guide

Find Cursed Cave & get Crystal Key

You can accept the main mission "With Great Power" from Merlin after unlocking the dazzling beach in the southeast. He gives you the task of finding the cursed cave, which is said to be in the northeast of the beach. 

Inside the cursed cave, you meet Ursula from the Ariel universe for the first time. She asks you to free her from the cave. In return, she gives you the crystal key, which you should use on the device in front of the entrance to the mystical cave on the beach. You can find said cave further southwest of the beach.

If you have used the crystal key at the cave entrance, you must now find the orb of power inside. On the way there, however, you have to pass through three magical gates.

1. remove magic gate

The first magic gate inside the cave is sealed. The inscription on the tombstone in front of it gives you a hint on how to remove the seal. The clue text reads: "Find the gem that best matches to continue your hero's quest without rest."

All around are three statues with different colored necklaces (green, blue, and red). To solve the puzzle, you must find the following gems and use them on the corresponding statues:

  • Perdidot (Green): Can be mined from mineral deposits on Dazzling Beach or Peaceful Meadow.
  • Aquamarine (Blue): Can be mined from mineral deposits in Dazzling Beach or Forest of Valor.
  • Garnet (Red): You can mine from mineral deposits in the main square or the peaceful meadow.

Once you have found all the gems, use them on the statues.

2. remove magic gate

At the next gate, you will find the same puzzle setup again. A sealed gate, three statues, and a tombstone with a clue. The inscription reads: "Find the right plants to grow them, then I don't need to tease you. One is underground in the ground, the other gold and brown in the background. What's left is red and round. "

You can plant a crop in front of the statues and solve the puzzle you have to plant a carrot, a wheat, and a tomato from left to right. For this, you need one unit of the corresponding seed. By clearing nightthorns in Peaceful Meadow or Dazzling Beach, you may already have the seeds for each crop in your backpack or in storage.

It is also possible that you have already planted all the seeds. In such a case, you can also buy these items at Goofy's booths. But you have to have them partially or completely removed.

  • Carrot Seeds: Expand Goofy's booth in the Peaceful Meadow so he can sell you Carrot Seeds.
  • Wheat Seeds: Expand Goofy's booth in the Peaceful Meadow so he can sell you Wheat Seeds.
  • Tomato Seeds: Expand Goofy's stand on the Shiny Beach so he can sell you tomato seeds.

If Goofy doesn't have the required seeds in its range of goods despite upgrading, you'll have to wait until the next day and then check Goofy's range of goods again. Then a few new night thorns will also appear, which you can remove.

Don't forget to water the planted crops. Depending on the seed, you then have to wait a different amount of time until they are ready to be harvested. The carrot takes 15 minutes, the wheat 1 minute and the tomato 25 minutes. Then the seal disappears and you can advance to the 3rd gate. Don't forget to take the planted crops with you, you will need them now.

3. remove magic gate

At the third and last gate, you will find a cooking area instead of statues. There are also some rocks in the way that you should destroy with your pickaxe. This not only reveals a hidden chest but also gives you coal ore, which you will need for cooking in a moment.

Then read the inscription on the tombstone to get the following hint text: "The last riddle, stay on your toes: cook and eat what you have grown."

To solve the puzzle, all you have to do now is combine carrot, wheat, and tomato at the cooking point to get noodles with vegetables. Then eat the dish out of your backpack to remove the seal from the third gate.

Fish the orb of power out of the water

Now that you have arrived at the bottom of the cave, all you have to do is fish the orb of power out of the pond in front of you. Aim your fishing rod at the conspicuous golden spot in the water and pull the orb of power out of the water.

Now you can leave the cave and use the orb of power on the pillar of power in front of the cave entrance. Then return to Ursula and talk to her. She can now leave the cave and gives you important information. Then speak to Merlin again to fully complete this massive mission.